1,000 Maama Kits! A New Milestone for IMFC

These ladies have just received their Maama Kits

From January to the end of October this year, 2017, IMFC has been blessed to give out 1,000 Maama Kits to expectant ladies in the slums of Kampala. This is a new milestone for us! And by the end of December, we expect to give out another 200 bringing the total to over 1,200 of these kits this year!

Here is a message I received from Vincent describing what this ministry has meant to these ladies and their families living in the slums of Kampala.

I have sent you a picture of some ladies picking up Maama Kits. They were so grateful. Maama Kits are helping expecting mothers and it has reduced death rate for both mothers and children. Everyone who has received the Maama Kit is testifying how they were helped by the kit. It is saving their lives. From the time we started giving out Maama Kits, we have only lost two mothers and two babies and these deaths were due to the mothers waiting to go to the hospital too late. They were not prepared for the baby to come so they were not ready to go to the hospital.

We are now educating the expecting mothers on how to be prepared for child birth. We are also giving them the message of hope in Jesus Christ and then how to take care of themselves. We have classes with them encouraging them to go for check ups and we prepare them to get ready for the baby’s birth by teaching them on how to save money so they can pay for transportation to get to the hospital and purchase the necessary things they will need to take care of the baby. Some of the ladies who have given birth using the Maama Kits come to these trainings and give testimony of how Maama Kit helped them and encourage them to prepare.

The LCs in these communities are also testifying about how this ministry is saving lives and how they are grateful to God that IMFC has brought this ministry to their area.

Thank you for helping these ladies. To everyone contributing to see these ladies give birth in good health, thank you and we love you all.

-Vincent, Kampala Team Leader

For those of you not familiar with Maama Kits, here is what is included inside each kit:

2 plastic sheets, one for the Mom to lay on and one to lay the other contents of the kit on during delivery.

2 pairs of surgical gloves.

2 small bars of soap.

2 cord ties

1 40 gram roll of cotton wool.

1 surgical blade

1 child growth card.

1 instruction sheet on how to use the kit.

Without these items in the Maama Kit, or the money to buy them, these ladies will be turned away from the hospitals to deliver their babies on the streets. But when they enter the local hospital with their small Maama Kit bag, they are taken right in and given the help needed for delivery. Plus, when you add the training the IMFC staff givens to the expectant mom helping her to prepared for delivery and the weeks afterward, this becomes a life changing ministry for these families that we are extremely grateful God has let us do.

Let me add my voice to Vincent’s in thanking you for your gifts to IMFC that has enabled us to purchase these kits to do this ministry. God has used it in a great way. Thank you. Have a great day.


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