October 20, 2004, IMFC was incorporated in the state of Georgia as a non profit entity. This month, we are officially a teenager! 13 years and moving on.

In the past 13 years we have achieved much. God has blessed. He has enabled IMFC to accomplish more than we could have ever thought or imagined possible in October 2004. I am so very grateful to the Lord for allowing me to be a part of IMFC and to do what I now do with the people I do it with. Also, I am very grateful for you that are making this journey with us. Some of you have been with us since day one supporting us with your prayers and gifts. I do not know how to thank you other than to simply say thank you.

Yahaya Story – Uganda

Yahaya is a new Manna recipient who has received food twice from Manna Ministry. When we found Yahaya, he was 47 years old, the father of 10 children from 3 different women, a Muslim without hope, no where to go and in living in bad condition.


Yahaya has now prayed to receive Christ as his personal savior and has hope. He is enrolled in Bible Way and meets with his house church. He is working with Alex learning how to share the message of Jesus Christ with his family and friends in the slum.

We have taught Yahaya how to save and he has managed to save 300,000 shillings (about 85 US dollars) and has put up a small house for the family. He can work different jobs. He knows carpentry and is making some small stools and benches to sell. Yahaya has a passion to work and to progress. He is very grateful for the provision that God has given him through Manna Ministry.

Let us pray for Yahaya that he will be strong in the Lord and that he will continue saving to achieve something better for his family. he has a passion to work and to progress. He is a good man.

– Vincent

Wellington’s Story – Kenya

Brother Wellington Iwangu is a true and reliable man as described in 2nd Timothy 2:2. He received the story


of Jesus’ teaching’s to Nicodemus from the book of John 3: 1–21 from his Paul, Brother Joseph the Key leader of Eldoret County. Brother Joseph used the S.O.T method for Wellington to understand the story of Nicodemus that later on led him to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior.

Brother Wellington has now touched many lives for Jesus Christ using the same approach (sharing story of Nicodemus in John 3: 1–21 using S.O.T.) in Eldoret County. He now has many Timothies who are fully passionate and committed in expanding the vision of IMFC in Kenya and Africa in touching the poor and displaced people of Africa for Jesus Christ.

It’s my humble request to all our IMFC family and friends to put Brother Wellington and his team in daily prayers so that many souls in Eldoret County are able to receive and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.

– Geoffrey

These two stories represent the many I get daily from Uganda and Kenya and I know that what IMFC is experiencing is happening all across our world. The Lord’s kingdom is moving. Evil may be ever present and growing, but the grace of God is growing faster.

It has been an amazing 13 years. Thanks for enabling IMFC to be a player in the Lord’s work. Thanks. God bless


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