It was difficult to leave home on New Year’s Eve and celebrate the beginning of 2016 somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean at more than 30,000 feet on a plane filled with strangers sitting in seats that you can’t sleep in knowing that your family is all together having a good time ringging in the New Year. Plus, being away from Pam and the family for the first six weeks of 2016 living out of suitcases in hotel rooms across Uganda and Kenya is lonely and no picnic, even if you are with some great volunteers from the US and sourrounded by loving Ugandans. But, I wouldn’t change a thing; unless it could be worked out so that Pam didn’t have to work and could fly out and spend those six weeks with me! Now that would be a sweet deal.

I know many of you followed me on my journies on FaceBook or Instagram during this time. Thanks for taking the journey with me. And I thank all of you for your prayers and support. God has wonderfully worked through this ministry and I am grateful that the Lord has allowed me to a part of this even if it means spending New Year’s Eve on a plane and the first six weeks on the road. I will send out some updates soon on what is happening.

Continue to pray for peace in Uganda. The elections were held this past week and President Museveni has been declared the winner once again with many crying foul play. But, so far, no bad violence. Tensions may be high, but no major problems that I know of now. I hear there was a strong military presence in Kampala and for a few days the streets were almost empty, but the guys are back at work and things are moving forward.

Have a great weekend and wonderful 2016.




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