2017…A Year of Expansion


Sunday, January 8, I leave for Uganda barring a big snow fall that closes the airport or the roads. Three groups of volunteers will be traveling to meet me in the months of January and February. One comes from Illinois and two from Alabama with a couple of people sprinkled in from other places. We will be working in the Kampala and Mbale areas, and extending the work to two new northern cities where we have work in the prison system, Lira and Gulu. It should be a great way to begin the year. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what is happening.

In January between teams, I will be traveling to Kenya to work on the process of registering IMFC as an NGO in Kenya and to investigate what it will take to open an office to provide for the growing demands of the Discipleship Making Movement happening there. Work has spread across Western Kenya into Nairobi. 5,000 *Who Is Jesus* books are needed now, plus the other books as people move through the series. Nairobi alone claims to need 2,000 *Who Is Jesus* books. The men who are leading the work appear to be very serious, passionate and committed. I have met many of them and am excited about the possibilities. Time will tell the story but today I am glad to simply have the opportunity to attempt this new work.

I am also following the work of Anthony. Anthony was discipled in Mbale by Michael and became one of his most reliable men until being called home by his dad to live with him. Today, Anthony lives near Johannesburg, South Africa, with his dad and claims to have won almost 200 people to Christ who need to be discipled through the Bible Way books. Michael keeps pleading his case to me encouraging IMFC to help him. So, we will see. We will see this young man’s seriousness, the validity of what he says he is doing and what door the Lord opens. Afterward, we will know if this really is another opportunity or not.

So, 2017 appears to be a year of expansion. I would really appreciate your prayers for wisdom and the resources needed to continue the work we have going and the expansion into these new areas. The Lord knows exactly what He is doing, who He is doing it with and what is needed.

I hope you have a wonderful 2017. Take advantage of every opportunity. Seize the day. Make this your best year yet.

God bless.


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