The Kampala “4” Step Strategy to Church Planting

Here is the latest from Kampala. Manna is serving two areas Kawepe and Kifumbira. Work in these two areas begin the first two weeks in February while I was there with a mission team from Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Alexandria, Alabama. Since then one Church has been started in Kawepe with sixty-five adults in attendance last week. In Kifumbira, one church and one Bible fellowship has been started. The church has more than twenty adults and the Bible fellowship has eight men. Many of these have now enrolled in Bible Way Ministry and are being activity discipled. All of this has taken place in two highly Muslim populated areas in only two months.

 Here is the four step strategy the IMFC Kampala staff is using to further the work:

1. Build relationships with the people. The people are divided into small groups and the IMFC staff works with them to get to know them better.

 2. The IMFC Staff seeks to discover the people’s spiritual condition so they can minister to them better. Are they born again or not?

 3. Then the team seeks to enroll the people into Bible Way. Those that can read into the book courses and those who cannot read will get the material through teaching.

 4. The last step is to have the people point out to them people who live in these areas who are worse off than they are. These people will be targeted for Manna Ministry in the future.

 Our Staff in Kampala works hard at this strategy and the Lord is blessing it. Pray for them as they continue to serve the Lord in their area. 

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