Update on John in Katwe

John before Manna on the left. John today on the right.

John before Manna on the left. John today on the right.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, how about two pictures in one? Is it worth two thousand words or still just one thousand. For me, this two in one photo is worth two thousand plus!

I shared John’s story with you a few weeks back and many of you have responded with questions and prayer so I decided to send this quick update with new pictures and information. John is the old man I meet after a Manna food distribution in Katwe slum in February. He is 80 years old being born in 1936 and he is in very bad health with no family to take care of him. His wife left him many years ago and no one knows where she is. His only son died some years back. Neighbors have looked after him for quiet some time and all have grown very tired. John can do nothing for himself. He is almost blind. He can’t walk. He has a catheter. His needs are great. The time I meet John he was so embarrassed by his physical condition that when I entered his small home he would not open the curtain hiding his bed for me see him. His catheter had come out and he was in a terrible mess and experiencing much pain.

Today, John is different. I hope you can see that from the photo. He is smiling. He still has great needs that constantly must be met but he is better. I’m not for sure what will be required to help him moving forward but I am glad we can help. His needs go far beyond Manna Ministry but currently they are being met through Manna. Thanks for your prayers and help that enable us to this.

Have a great weekend and really take time to thank the Lord for you blessings. Don’t take for granted this wonderful life God has given you: Money, health, food, clothing, a place to stay and people who care for you like your family and friends. Take care.


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