3 Things I Ask You To Pray For

On Saturday, May 27, Pam and I are leaving for Uganda. We will leave from Atlanta with a student from Shorter University in Rome, Georgia, Mary, who will be with us all summer, then we will meet up with a team of volunteers from Illinois in the Amsterdam Airport and later receive a second team of volunteers that comes from Alabama and Georgia in mid June, a day after the first team leaves. Then we return home on July 3. These five and a half weeks will be full of travel, ministry, work, worship and fun in Kampala, Gulu and Lira with these volunteers and our Uganda team. Here are three things I ask you to join me in prayer about as we begin this journey.

Pray for Pam. Pam had surgery almost three weeks ago for Thyroid cancer. The Thyroid is gone and she is doing very well. They removed all the cancer since it was contained in the Thyroid and the doctors have cleared her to go for this trip. But she is still healing from the surgery and her body is adjusting to the Thyroid hormone replacement. This is a long trip, the schedule is very full and the work can be fatiguing. Pray for her body to continue to respond well to the hormone replacement and for rest when needed.

Pray that we find at least 50 people who will come to personal faith in Jesus and who will explode the Gospel message across Uganda and into the neighboring countries. The volunteers and nationals will talk to thousands of people over the next six weeks about a message that changed their lives. Many of the people they talk to will walk away without any interest but many more will hear the Gospel of Jesus and desire a personal relationship with Him. Some of these will fade away after praying for Christ to be their Lord and Savior and never be heard of again, but many will be very serious about their relationship to Jesus Christ. I ask you to pray that at least 50 of the hundreds of the people who will pray for Jesus to be their Lord will be very, very serious. That, after praying to receive Christ, they will do the work necessary to grow in their faith, learn how to share the Gospel with others, then do it. Pray that they will be used by the Lord to spread the message of Jesus far beyond where we found them to people and villages who need a personal relationship Jesus Christ. Pray that this will be the beginning to a great movement of the Gospel across Uganda and Eastern and Central Africa. I know it can be. I have seen it happen before. Why not now?

Pray that at least 10 of the 23 volunteers working with us over the next six weeks return home to be a better witness for Christ in their own communities by leading many people to faith in Jesus Christ. Some of these 23 volunteers will be well prepared, full of confidence and the Spirit ready to share Christ; some will not. Some of those coming to share Christ in Uganda have never shared their faith in Jesus with anyone or lead anyone to personal faith in Jesus here in the US! That will change on this trip. Pray that what they experience on this mission trip will so impact their lives that they will return home to their communities changed, full of confidence that the Gospel of Jesus is truly the power of God unto salvation and that even here in the US people will hear and respond positively. I have seen this happen many, many times. Pray that it does on this trip. Pray that God challenges and changes the lives of at least 10 volunteers to impact the lives of many people here in the US upon their return home.

Follow me on Facebook (Jimmy Barry) or Instagram (JW Barry). I will not have a lot of time to send emails. I will when I can but if you follow me on either of these two social networks you will see what is happening, what is coming next and how you can be praying specifically for us. Thanks for being a part of this work. Thanks for your prayers. Have a great day.


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