Alfred, Church Planter Arua, Uganda

Anyafiyo is a village found North East of Arua town, Uganda. Anyafiyo is a name in the local Arua language which when translated means non productive for millet. It literally therefore means a non productive area! About 40% of the residents of this area are Muslims!

In January 2012, we carried a volunteer group from the U.S who saturated the whole area with the gospel, find persons of peace and plant some Churches. The mission was really a success!


Alfred, IMFC’s Church Planter in this area who was the first contact person in Arua after Robert, is really so passionate to see this area reached for Christ. Today, five (5) Churches are actively meeting each week in this area and twenty eight (28) new believers have been baptized so far since February 2012! This is what Alfred says in his own words of what he wants to see in this area;

“I thank God for saving me from the bondage of religion. I was a catholic but now I’m born again. I know I’m only nine (9) months old in salvation but I really thank you for discipling me through Bible Way and training me in Church Planting. Now I know God’s call up on my life and I want to fulfill it. I want to see at least five (5) Churches planted each month and over 100 new believers enrolled in Bible Way for discipleship.”

Friends, pray for Alfred, he is not only a young believer but also young of age, only 23, but with a huge passion to reach his community for Christ. He has to guard all night to support his wife and child and do Church Planting and grade Bible Way books from his area during day. Pray that the Lord would provide for him.

God Bless you and thank you for praying.

Joseph Esiana

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