Amos, On The Field And Ready To Plant Churches For The Kingdom Of God

We never took the volunteers from the US to Tanganyika, a village in Arua, Uganda, to evangelize, but we went through it on our way for baptism at the nearby river. Over 300 people from the village came to see what we were doing! It was a wonderful experience. All of us felt the area was ripe for the gospel and it is amazing how God works! Amos, one of the translators, lives in this area. We have now trained Amos and he is really out to serve the Lord!


Like Anyafiyo, this area is over 40% muslim (actually the area has a large burial ground for all muslims who die in Arua) and about 30% catholic.

Today as a result of the training Amos received, he has planted one (1) house Church and has identified 2 persons of peace to start 2 more house churches next week. Through his faithfulness to share Christ, a young man Samson who is a student at the Medical/Nursing School in Arua came to faith in the Lord and we’ve baptized him. Through him (Samson), a new wide door has been opened to reach the medical school!

Please I ask you to pray for Amos. He is only 25 years of age, a husband to one wife and father to one child. He is a hawker of clothes during the day to try to get income to help his family. Pray for him that God will provide for his needs. He is really a Servant of our Lord! Pray also for Samson as he reaches the Medical School for Christ! Pray for courage and boldness!

Serving in His Vineyard,
Joseph Esiana

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