An Amazing Two Year Journey From Kampala To Kenya

Show up. Love the people. Trust God and His Gospel as you share Jesus Christ with the people He places before you. Do these three things and amazing things happen from the Lord. The story of how IMFC’s work has spread from Kamwokya slum in Kampala to Mbale to Kenya illustrated this. Here is Deo’s version of this story.

What happens when you pursue God’s Vision? Micheal in Mbale happens. Robin in Kenya happens. IMFC is pursuing God’s vision to reach the lost with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ the Savior of the world!

It was on the October 21, 2014, when Jimmy and I met a man by the name Robin Nyongesa while at a baptism in Kenya! Our trip there had all the signs of disappointment before we found the Divine appointment! This trip would not have happened without Micheal meeting Reuben in Mbale and us meeting Micheal in Kampala.

We meet Micheal in Kamwokya slum in Kampala when he called out to us to come share with him. We did and he prayed to received Christ. Micheal went back to Mbale after being trained and begin sharing the Gospel. There he met a Kenyan named Reuben. Reuben had come to Mbale to visit his relatives who had moved there to live. Micheal shared John 3 with Reuben and he received Christ into his heart after praying with Micheal! In September 2014, he went back to Kenya sharing the same Gospel message he had received from Micheal in Uganda. He shared in his village to his mates and friends. 30 people gave their lives to Christ as a result of Reuben sharing the story of John 3! 11 of these committed themselves for believers baptism! This is why Jimmy and I went to Kenya. We went to see these people baptized and to make sure the work we heard about in Kenya was real and not fake. It was here we met Robin.

Robin with wife in Kenya

Robin with wife in Kenya

Who is Robin? Robin is a Kenyan man 46 years of age. He is married to one wife and has 9 children with grandchildren. His livelihood depends on commercial farming and rearing cows. Robin heard Reuben sharing John 3 using the SOT method of Bible study with a group, and his mind was captured by God. When he heard of the baptism he decided to come. He met with Jimmy after the baptism and Jimmy shared the story of Nicodemus from John 3 with his testimony. We took time to share with Robin even if it was about to rain. We were fearful of getting stuck and being unable to leave the place, but we took the time to share and Robin prayed to receive Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. He was enrolled into Bible Way for discipleship and he has been
Baptism scene in Kenya. 60 people were baptized.

Baptism scene in Kenya. 60 people were baptized.

trained by Micheal and me on how to share the Gospel using the story of Nicodemus and to lead others to Christ. Robin followed through with believers baptism and has led 91 others to experience believers baptisms in Bungoma, Kenya. 55 house churches have been planted. I was able to meet with 4 of them as they studied the Bible using SOT. All the churches are on lesson 4 of SOT curriculum. And now the work has spread beyond Robin’s place in Bungoma, Kenya. There are 10 new believers in Naivasha and 15 new believers in Nairobi! 20 men are in leadership training with Robin. The work is spreading!

Without your prayers and support this would not have happened. And I ask you to keep praying for this work and for IMFC. There are many challenges as this is our first work outside Uganda. Ask the Lord to give us wisdom to know how to get the Bible Way books to them and the best road forward. Pray that Robin and the ones he is training will continue to be faithful. I am very thankful for all your prayers. God has many more doors to open for IMFC so that His word can be shared as we focus on God’s vision! Keep praying.

In Him,


As I read Deo’s experience of what is happening in Kenya, I am amazed. I was there, I trust the Lord, but I am still amazed at what God does when his people simply show up, love the people He places before them and trust Him to use them as they share the Gospel. I teach the volunteers this when they first arrive in Kampala before we go out to share in the slums, but to see it become reality is still amazing. This story didn’t happen over night. It has been a two year journey but I remember very well the day we shared the Gospel with Micheal in June two years ago. Never did I believe God would use him as He has. Micheal was drunk, but God changed him and has brought thousands to Himself through Micheal and those he has trained. Literally thousands of people in Eastern Uganda in Mbale, Sironko, Kapchorwa, Karamoja and now Kenya have now heard the Gospel and prayed to receive Christ as their personal Lord. Micheal isn’t doing all the work. But he started it and has been faithful to train others to do what he is doing. Pray that Robin does the same in Kenya. Only God knows where it will spread from there. I love it!

Have a great day and week.

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