Baptism: A New Direction

Baptism in Mbale

Baptism in Mbale

I find this more than slightly encouraging. I believe you will to.

Greetings from Uganda! Back here we are all doing well.

Roger and I had safe travels and successful meetings over the Easter weekend with Leaders from the different places of work in Northeast Uganda over the issue of baptism. Leaders from Mbale, Kweni, Sironko, Bulambuli, Karamoja, Kapchorwa, Kabong, Napak and Moroto meet with us to identify the problems and above all find solutions! These Leaders have agreed with us to baptize locally with no funding provided at all from IMFC! Yes, in the meetings we first had mixed reactions but thereafter we came to be on the same page! Here are three solutions we found. (1)The new believers will walk to the nearby rivers or dams for baptism. In some areas, especially in Karamoja Region some may have to walk up to 100 kilometers! But they are ready. (2)Leaders are going to shift their areas of operation to areas nearer to the water bodies. (3)Leaders will no longer wait for the commissioning from Kampala to baptize, and when possible baptisms will be conducted immediately after conversions. Records of the names of those baptized will be will be kept and sent to us in Kampala.

These answers to the challenges faced with baptism were found by the Leaders after seeing IMFC’s big vision and the hugeness of the ministry. They said, “No To Funding But Yes To Baptism!” Baptisms will be conducted using local means with no dependency! Baptism certificates will still be provided to all Leaders and areas by IMFC and if IMFC is unable to provide the certificate the Leaders are working on a new way to verify baptism with a stamp on their name.

I also discovered that the Leaders we trained in February in Sironko have been running with the Gospel. The message of the Gospel has been carried to Pokoti and Kericho in Kenya and they are talking of other areas as well! The work continues to expand mightily!

Thank you for prayers! And keep praying as we move forward with this plan.

Team Leader,


What really encourages me in this report is that these are the solutions of the leaders in the field to this problem and not mine. We presented the big picture and the challenges we face. They came up with the solutions. These solutions will not be easy live with but since they are their solutions I am praying they will take ownership and do what is necessary to make them succeed. I know that the baptism numbers in the immediate future will more than likely fall and this could lead some to discouragement, but I also know that in the long term they will grow far beyond what we could do in the old system based on dependency. So, keep this issue in your prayers. The big hurdle is past. Now we head down a new road and hopefully this time there will not be any U-turns.


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