Bennah’s Story

Bennah has found new life, new hope

Bennah has found new life, new hope

Busingye Bennah, 43 years old. Husband died 12 years ago. Single mom with 10 children. Resident of Kampala City for 20 years. Manna Ministry recipient August 2015 through January 2016. Entrepreneur. Here is Bennah’s story from Vincent.

Bennnah is born of Nyansiyo and Silvia of Bugerere and is one of 20 children. She didn’t go to school because the farther couldn’t afford to send her. She got married to Ronald at an early age and had 10 children by him. Ronald and Bennah came to Kampala because of his work 20 years ago. 12 years ago he passed away and left Bennah with 10 kids in Kampala. Here is how Bennah describes her life:

Bennah at work at her water tap

Bennah at work at her water tap

“I had debts in almost every shop in the neighborhood. I even called my mom in the village asking for a refuge because I had nothing to eat! I felt ashamed because they were expecting to get help from me in the city! To make the matters worse, because I had no school fees to send my children to school, my girls began sleeping around with boys and got pregnant. I was in a bad place and decided to kill my self but I knew the young ones would be left with nothing and would blame me. Life was challenging. If a neighbor doesn’t have mercy on you and give you food, you don’t eat. Life aaaah!”

Bennah is describing life before IMFC and Manna Ministry found her. Now life is different. Through Manna Ministry she was given food and admonished to save what few shillings she had. In her first two months of savings, she was able to help her elder daughter begin a business of frying samosas right from their small home in the slum. They began making a profit of 5000 shillings a day (less than $2 US). By the end of her participation in Manna Ministry in January this year she had saved over 400,000 shillings and called on IMFC for further counseling on how, where, and when to invest the savings. We came up with the idea of connecting water to where she rents. It cost Bennah her 400,000 shillings to have a water line run to her place of rent but now she is making not less than 10,000 shillings daily as profits. Each person who fills his jerrican must pay her 200 shillings for the water. When you add on the profits from her samosas business, this makes it not less than 15,000 shillings per day in profits from her TWO businesses. For Bennah, life has been kick-started from trials to triumph. Glory be to our Lord Jesus!

But this is just part of the story. Bennah has now given her life to Jesus Christ. She has been discipled through the Bible Way books, is part of a house church and been baptized. Life is different.


Bennah’s story illustrates why we do Manna Ministry. It isn’t about food. It’s about opportunity. Bennah has taken advantage of her blessing from the Lord and has changed the future for her and her children. Thanks for your prayers and support and continue to pray for Bennah. Pray that she continues on this road. Pray that through her the Lord will impact and change many lives in Uganda.


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