Rebel Soldier Ministry In DR Congo Featured In The Baptist Press

The Baptist Press has just featured the work IMFC has sponsored among the rebel soldiers operating in eastern Congo with IMB missionary Rusty Pugh! It is a great story with awesome pictures–except the last one. The one of Rusty. Just kidding! Rusty and Debbie Pugh have become precious friends of mine. I have the greatest respect for him and … [Read more...]

Rebel Soldiers, IDP Camp Church Congo And God’s Grace

Could you forgive someone who killed a family member of yours, raped your wife, kidnapped your child and turned him into a rebel soldier? Be hard wouldn’t it? But many people are faced with that dilemma. The picture above comes from a church in an IDP camp outside Goma, DR Congo. These people have fled from the rebel soldiers. They have been … [Read more...]

Grace Stories From Soldiers In DR Congo

I haven't posted much lately from the ministry among the rebel soldiers outside Goma, DR Congo, but incredible life-change is happening. I Just received the October report from Pastor Pascal. The teams of pastors went out to the soldier camps the first two weeks in October. Forty-nine (49) soldiers prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and … [Read more...]

Good News! God Is Still Changing Lives!

I'm tried of bad news. IF God is still in control of all things in this UNIVERSE (and I believe and know He is), then there must be something positive happening. Right? Well, check out these latest stories of God's grace from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They remind me of the verse that says where sin abounds much more does the grace … [Read more...]

Thanks From Church Planter & Project Supervisor, Gomar, DRC

We thank first the donors for their contribution to this ministry to rebels through what many souls were saved and won to the Lord Jesus Christ. We say again, God bless you. In our mission, we were focusing our ministry to rebels. Now, rebels are mixing with the army. We wish this program to continue. It is making a great contribution because to … [Read more...]

Incredible Stories of God’s Grace

Grace Stories From DR Congo Here are a few remarkable “Grace stories” from the work in March that I thought you might enjoy reading. I love these! Kitchanga team: Fantone,Kazungu.  I was born in a pagan  and very poor family. When  I was 14(in 1998), soldiers of RCD (rebel movement) took me for helping them to take water and brought me in … [Read more...]

429 Soldiers Profess Faith In Jesus Christ!

Ministry to Rebel Soldiers Report Just received a “great” report from the work in Goma, DRC. Here are a few highlights. Thanks for your prayers and gifts. In March, 92 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ; 5 were baptized and 11 small groups were started. This means that from January through March, 429 people made a profession of faith in … [Read more...]

New Work Opens In DR Congo

January of this year, IMFC joined Pastor Habimana, leader of the Union of Baptist Churches of DRC (UEBCO), and Rusty Pugh, IMB missionary, in an effort to reach out to the rebel soldiers operating in Eastern DR Congo with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is a short video explaining the work and the men who are involved in it. Pray for these men, … [Read more...]