Joseph Tells Kennedy’s Story From Nakasongola Prison

Joseph leads the IMFC team in Kampala. He handles all the IMFC business needs in Uganda and personally directs the Prison Ministry. Hello Jimmy. This is Kennedy’s story of how he came to know the Lord. Kennedy is an inmate in Nakasongola Prison. "My name is Kennedy Kaunda Chris. I'm 28 years old. I was born in a non-christian family … [Read more...]

Meet Zahara

Here is another life that has been impacted by what Manna ministry does in the slums. Zahara Namusisi is a 28 year single mother of three. She is living now with the virus HIV. She was not born with the virus; she contracted it from a man that fathered her children. Douglas talked to Zahara this week and I recorded our conversation so you can … [Read more...]

My Story

Over the past five years of working in Uganda and DR Congo, I have read hundreds of stories of people whose lives God has gloriously changed. Many of these stories I have posted to the IMFC blog for you to read, enjoy and celebrate. But there’s one story I’ve not posted. My story. I’m afraid that I often forget, or overlook, or underestimate my … [Read more...]

How A Simple Bag of Food Can Change A Life Forever!

How much difference can a bag of food make to a person? A family? Huge! Life Changing even. Check this out. Douglas sent me the story of James Kato. It has inspired me to tell more people about the work of IMFC and Manna Ministry in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. It has motivated me to raise more money to buy more food. Before this work, I never … [Read more...]

Grace Stories From Soldiers In DR Congo

I haven't posted much lately from the ministry among the rebel soldiers outside Goma, DR Congo, but incredible life-change is happening. I Just received the October report from Pastor Pascal. The teams of pastors went out to the soldier camps the first two weeks in October. Forty-nine (49) soldiers prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and … [Read more...]

Geoffrey’s Story of God’s Grace

This is an amazing story of a young man by the name of Geoffrey Sebwami who had been thrown into the prison in Luzira (Kampala Remand) due to purchasing stolen property. He met the Lord while in the prison. This is his story - in his own words. "My name is Geoffrey Sebwami. I’m married to one wife and have 4 children. I was thrown into the prison … [Read more...]

Thanks From Christine Chandiro: In Her Own Words

I have never seen such an organization like this one. You came into our community in a simple way. You did not advertise your coming into this place or even what you are doing here. It seems you wanted your work amongst us to do the speaking! I have personally experienced the blessedness of your work here in Biina zone. You have visited our … [Read more...]

Good News! God Is Still Changing Lives!

I'm tried of bad news. IF God is still in control of all things in this UNIVERSE (and I believe and know He is), then there must be something positive happening. Right? Well, check out these latest stories of God's grace from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They remind me of the verse that says where sin abounds much more does the grace … [Read more...]