Bible Way Impacts Nakasongola Prisoners!

Hello Jimmy. Sunday we traveled to Nakasongola Prison. We spent about 15 minuets with the new Officer in Charge - Jacob. He was glad we are doing Bible Way in the area. This is what he says in his own words, "People in Nakasongola district are so much involved with superstition and witchcraft. Any bad happening they attribute it to … [Read more...]

Beyond Kampala!

Deo, Joseph and Douglas traveled to Mid-Western and West Nile regions of Uganda last week to see the work that has sprung up from the work in Kampala. Another post is needed to share how the gospel travels from one place to another. I will save that for later. Amazing how God just keeps opening doors. Finally we are back to Kampala for our … [Read more...]

New Leaders Rise Up To Carry On The Work

Deo's generation is gone from Naguru! Can a new generation of trained leaders carry on the work? The answer is absolutely YES. We now have leaders like Smith, Peter, Moses, Lucy, and others who are actively involved in the trainings, house churches, Bible studies, Bible Way, and planting other house churches. It’s so incredible. Last but not … [Read more...]

Keep Your Promises – Doors of Opportunity Open Will Open!

When you keep your promises, your word, your appointments, it’s amazing how many doors of opportunity open for you. I saw this first hand this week in Kampala. Douglas and I promised two young men (19 and 20 years of age) to be at their place at 9 o’clock Saturday morning to have Bible Study and meet their friends. At the appointed time they waited … [Read more...]

Far Beyond Our Expectations!

On Sunday, August 15, Douglas and I traveled about two and a half hours north of Kampala to a district of Nakasongola where a prison facility housing about 450 inmates is located. Why? 47 inmates graduated with ‘Diploma’ Certificates from Bible Way! This means they successfully completed the ten courses we provide plus Spiritual Warfare: Who is … [Read more...]

Natete: Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future

Many people from the western world say that if you want to hide knowledge from an African keep it in the script of a book. But our people here in Natete are now digging deep into the word of God. The results, the witchdoctors have no stake into their lives any more! People have changed lives now. It was amazing to see people just go on the … [Read more...]

Reach Emma, Reach Gayaza!

Don’t you just love it when a vision and plan come together. Check this out. Hello Jimmy, greetings once again in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Back here we are doing well and our schedules are just crazy in planting house churches and evangelism. Yesterday, Douglas and I went with a man called Emma and launched Bible Way in his … [Read more...]

Is There A “Good Problem”? Yes!

His name is Universe Nabber. He has the Army rank of Corporal. He was accused of misusing fuel (gas) and sent to Nakasongola Prison. On August 16, 2009 (one year ago) while in Nakasongola Prison where he was remanded pending the investigation of his case, Universe enrolled in Bible Way’s first course – Who Is Jesus. His Bible Way Student # is … [Read more...]