Benon, Butabika and An Open Door

Benon, is one of our church planters and is doing a great job. He is assigned to the Butabika zone for this six months of Manna Ministry. Pray for Benon as he works to build up the kingdom. He has a true heart for the Lord and a BIG job. This very month I made 4-5 trips every week to Butabika parish. This has been made possible by the … [Read more...]

Butabika For Christ!

It's been very hot and dry today, yet it's supposed to be rainy! We had 650 people (actual head count) gathered for the food distribution yet our tent can only handle 250 people. We had only 50 bags of food to give but thanks be to God for what He did with the people that came! 7 people came forward after Pastor Benon preached to receive … [Read more...]

28 Year Old Moslem Prisoner Changed By The Gospel!

Farouk Nsubuga, who is 28 years a former Moslem, served his 7 months in Luzira remand prison for crimes he admits he committed. He got released on the 19th September at 12:00pm and he wanted to get to the Bible Way office! Not for any other thing but to get his list of 14 prisoners he led to Jesus enrolled with Bible way and also so that he too can … [Read more...]

Opening Day Sabina Zone: 30 New Bible Way Participants!

httpv:// Continue to pray for those who gave their lives to Christ on Manna's opening in Sabina Zone. Their journey with Christ is just beginning. … [Read more...]

Bible Way Student #56586 Finds Christ In Prison!

Ivan Sunna, 23 years old, tells his story of how the Bible Way discipleship materials changed his life while in prison. Friendship with gang groups who did drugs and robbery got me into prison. I loved life in the ghettos and the day I got arrested, I had no shillings in my pocket to bribe the police. They needed just 15,000 shillings for my … [Read more...]

158 High School Students Participate In Bible Way In ONE High School!

10 high schools have asked the Bible Way staff to start Bible Way Clubs in their schools! One High School already has a Bible Way Club with 158 students completely run by one of the high school students! He goes to the ministry center to get the books, leads the club meetings, distributes the books to the students and grades the test. He does all … [Read more...]

Prisoners Speak Out For Christ

Bible Way is now in Luzira prison with 166 people currently enrolled in discipleship. Recently Vincent visited the prison and wrote about his experience. Here are a couple of testimonials/prayer request from these men that touched his heart. I believe they will touch yours as well. "Byakatonda Joseph is 24 years old. His auntie, who is a … [Read more...]

Bible Way Goes To Prison!

Here is a letter from Vincent Zansenga one of the Bible Way leaders. I have known Vincent for many years now; he loves the Lord with all his heart and is a great guy. He is also the only single member of the IMFC staff in Kampala. You can join us in praying that God provides a wife for him. "I just want to let you know what is happening with our … [Read more...]