Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, Uganda

These photos come from the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement which is located about 75 kilometers from Arua, Uganda. It took us just over one hour to reach the entrance of the camp, and another 50 minuets or so to reach the settlement we wanted to visit. All together we traveled almost two and one-half hours over rutted, dusty dirt roads to reach this … [Read more...]

Where Is A Policeman When You Need One?

Sometimes it pays to know a policeman! Even in Kampala, Uganda! Without Emanuel, a policeman in Kampala, Uganda, working beside us with his badge, we would have had our taxis impounded and been stranded in the slum. Here’s the story. A law was passed in Uganda in late Spring that required all Taxis owners to pay a new tax to the government. The … [Read more...]

IMFC’s Kampala’s Church Planters

IMFC is blessed with great people. Deo, Benon, James and Vincent lead the IMFC work and staff in Uganda and beyond. You can read their stories here. But we have other men. I want to introduce you to three of these guys. Men that work with Vincent in the slums of Kampala, Uganda with Manna Ministry. They share the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily and … [Read more...]

The Door To 2,000,000 People

I get many request for help, but this one has really caused me to stop, think, pray and now share with you. My life before I came to Christ was not pleasing to God, my relatives, friends and my neighbors. I liked attending church services just to hear the gospel songs. One Sunday a pastor preached from the book of Revelation 21:27 which says … [Read more...]

Count The Shoes!

“Count the shoes.” According to Vincent who leads the Manna program for IMFC in Kampala, Uganda, that is how you know how many people live in a home. Most people kick their dirty shoes off before they enter their home, so just count the shoes. Below you can read for yourself Vincent’s description of the area we will be working in this year. It’s … [Read more...]

Beyond Kampala: The Road To Buseta

At IMFC our vision has expanded. Kampala is the hub. It is the center of our work. Our team lives here. Manna Ministry happens in the slums here, but we are focused on getting the gospel to all Uganda and to the surrounding countries: DRCongo, Kenya, Southern Sudan. We know that we can reach to these areas from Kampala. And the journey has already … [Read more...]

Vincent: IMFC’s Newest Church Planter

IMFC now has three men planting churches and training leaders in Kampala, Uganda: Deo, Benon and Vincent. Vincent has worked with us from the beginning but in June he moved from working in the office grading Bible Way books to the field enrolling people into Bible Way and planting house churches. He has caught on quick, loves the work and is doing … [Read more...]

IMFC Now Reaching Eastern Uganda For Jesus Christ

Results have just started showing up in Mid-Western Uganda after our mission trip there. Three more house churches have been planted in Masindi and there are more Bible Way enrollments. Training is still continuing for the leaders with S.O.T. Projection for October is five more house churches to be planted. You remember that I trained Smith, … [Read more...]