The Poor Have The Gospel Preached To Them!

Jimmy, Allow me to let you know that, last Thursday I worked with Vincent and we were able to plant and schedule 4 house churches to start in the slum Angola of Kampala. We visited several manna recipients of food and 1 girl gave her life to Christ as a result of our ministry in Angola! In the Bwaise 3 area slum of Kampala where I am working, … [Read more...]

Beyond Kampala!

Deo, Joseph and Douglas traveled to Mid-Western and West Nile regions of Uganda last week to see the work that has sprung up from the work in Kampala. Another post is needed to share how the gospel travels from one place to another. I will save that for later. Amazing how God just keeps opening doors. Finally we are back to Kampala for our … [Read more...]

Is This “Church”?

We At IMFC Say “YES”! So far in 2011 over thirty-seven churches have been started in the slums of Kampala, Uganda, on the military barracks in Naksongola and in out-laying villages in Mid-Western Uganda! More than seven hundred people gather in these new groups that have come into existence since January, 2011 to pray and study the scriptures. … [Read more...]

108 Baptized! 11 Churches Started!

108 baptized! 11 churches started! That’s the headlines from our trip to Kampala during the month of June. God blessed. The volunteers teams were awesome. The fruit will last forever! I want to thank you for your prayers. God heard and answered in a big way. Men came to Christ. Many men. Many drunkards. Many Muslims. One was a Muslim witchdoctor … [Read more...]

IMFC Ministry Multiplies to Midwestern Uganda in Kibale District

From Kampala to Masindi to Kisiita. It really is amazing how the gospel moves from one person to another person to another person to reach areas not in your plans! We had no plans beyond Kampala when we begin work in Uganda six years ago. But God had other plans. Here is a letter I got from Joseph last week that explains this expansion. I think … [Read more...]

Ivan: Moving On In Spite of Persecution

Update From Deo at Kimombasa, Kampala, Uganda Nineteen people attended the training today from 2pm to 4pm. Three men attended who are regular attendees; one of them was Ivan who has decided to start another house church next week at 5pm in Kazo that is three kilometers from Kimombasa. Regardless of all the challenges, Ivan has not given … [Read more...]

Great Start To A Great Year – 2011!

Thank you! Thank you for your gifts, prayers and partnership in Kampala, Uganda. Through them IMFC had a great first quarter for 2011, even if we lost more than three weeks of work due to the national elections! Here is a sample of what happened in the first quarter 2011: 30,000 pounds of beans, rice and posho were delivered to the … [Read more...]

Kimombasa, Great News!

I just received this update from Deo on the work in Kimombasa, Kampala, Uganda. Since many of you are praying for Deo and the work, I wanted you to see what God is doing. Keep praying. Dear Jimmy, Yes the people in the slums of Kampala, Uganda have been scrambling for food but now the focus for these people has changed to the scramble for … [Read more...]