This Is What We Do!

This week I had to fill out a form for a church that required me to think through what IMFC does and write it down. It was time consuming and a little painful, but very helpful. I remembered why IMFC existed and why I have worked for them the past 10 year. So, I thought I would share it with you. Just a reminder of why you pray for us and why some … [Read more...]

Manna Ministry Works!

When IMFC begin Manna Ministry ten years ago, we had many questions. What would happen to people after they exited the program? Would their lives be truly improved? What could we reasonably expect to achieve in only six months of giving people food? Could lasting change really take place for people who are living with nothing in the slums of … [Read more...]

No End To Poverty

  There seems to be no end to the need! If you had all the money in the world, I do not believe you could eradicate the problem. Jesus said the poor would always be with us, and I have seen the reality of that firsthand. First, seeing poverty in the slums in the Philippines, then in the slums of India, then in many African countries, … [Read more...]

Zurayina: Muslim Mother of 20 Now Follows Jesus Christ

Zurayina is 51 years old, born a Muslin and has lived in Katwe more than twenty years. She has given birth to twenty (20) children. Seventeen children by her first husband, who beat her and abused her before she finally ran away from him, and three children by her second husband. Four of her children died early and sixteen remain today. Zurayina's … [Read more...]

Karimu: From Muslim To Church Planter

Karim is 53 years old and has lived in Kampala for 10 years. He lives with one child here in Katwe, Kumiles. He has 7 additional children living in the village with his wife. Karim was born a Muslim and when IMFC found him, he was still a Muslim. Today, he is born again, enrolled in Bible Way, is working through the Bible Way books, baptized and … [Read more...]

Eva’s Story

I want to introduce to you Nalumansi Eva. As we were giving out food in Katwe Eva showed up late. She waited till all those selected for Manna Ministry had been called out, then she stood in line with the others who were not selected for the Manna program to share the the leftover bags of food. Eva is 26 years old and mother of three children. She … [Read more...]

Congolese Refugees Find Hope In Katwe

Is this a God given doorway to the Congo? When we met Mr. Museme Opolo and his wife, Louise Baguma. they welcomed us to their home and were every excited to meet some Ugandan’s who are good. Many of the Congolese refugees living in Katwe were suspicious of us when we were registering families for Manna Ministry. They thought we were con-men … [Read more...]

Amazing Babies

This is Agnes and she is the mother of premature twins born into the harshest of conditions in the slum Kamwokya, in Kampala, Uganda. Click on the photo above to hear her story. These are amazing little guys. Tough. In the US they would be in the Neonatal Unit of a well equipped hospital. But these little guys have survived in a mud hut with rain … [Read more...]