You Could Do This In 2017

Just a quick note to thank you for your prayers and support this summer during June and July. Four volunteer teams from three different states in the US, Alabama, Georgia and New Mexico, came to work with us. They arrived in Uganda safely, worked without any unforeseen negative incidences and returned home with no complication. God blessed and we … [Read more...]

They Ran With The Message

Who they were I don’t know. I don’t know their names, occupations or backgrounds. All I know is that they were followers of Jesus who were persecuted and suffering for their faith in him and were religious refugees. I know they had no money, no jobs, no supporting agencies, no Bibles, no discipleship books, no choirs, no Sunday School, no religious … [Read more...]

Opening the Work in Soroti

They had never seen a baptism where you went into “deep water” and lowered the person beneath the surface of the water, but they were willing to go. Were they afraid? Yes, but twenty people lined up and one by one and waded fearfully into the crystal blue waters of the Awoja River outside Soroti. Why? They had heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and … [Read more...]

Soccer Vs. American Football

My Grandkids play Soccer. They have uniforms, good athletic shoes, quality soccer balls and nice grassed fields to play on. Not so with the young people I watched in Kamwokya slum in June. They played on a hard, uneven dirt field with garbage piles on the sidelines. Their goals were made from rocks. Four rocks stacked two on either side of the goal … [Read more...]

Simple Truths – Changed Lives

15,833 people from across Uganda have successfully completed the first book of Bible Way, Who Is Jesus, from January 1 through June 30 of 2014!! This is over 2,000 more people in the first six months of 2014 than in the whole of 2012. And the number keeps growing. Where do these people come from? 4,469 of these people are living in … [Read more...]

Freeing Prisoners

Some of you have been asking me, “Are you still working in the prisons?” Absolutely! We are actively engaging 10 prisons across Uganda and at least 10 more are open to or seeking Bible Way to come to them. This week Deo is visiting the prisons in Soroti and Kibuku. Francis will be visiting Luzira and Kasangati Prison. Benon and Francis are … [Read more...]

Men Who Lead

The number of people who hear the Gospel, understand it and decide to give their lives to Christ astound the volunteers who come to work with us in Uganda. The volunteers from churches in the USA are amazed to see the hunger for Christ these peoples have. They hear the new believers asking for Bibles. They see them eagerly grabbing the discipleship … [Read more...]

IMFC Sets Up Office In Eastern Uganda

Buseta is located about 5 hours east of Kampala near the Kenyan border. Since January we have been training men from this area in church planting and challenging them to reach their area for Christ. Today, there are 105 groups, like the one pictured here, that meet throughout this area with over 1500 people gathering to study the scriptures using … [Read more...]