New Leaders Rise Up To Carry On The Work

Deo's generation is gone from Naguru! Can a new generation of trained leaders carry on the work? The answer is absolutely YES. We now have leaders like Smith, Peter, Moses, Lucy, and others who are actively involved in the trainings, house churches, Bible studies, Bible Way, and planting other house churches. It’s so incredible. Last but not … [Read more...]

God Leads Through The Most Unexpected People!

590 people enrolled in Bible Way. 7 house churches planted. 40 baptized at Lake Victoria. -IMFC Statistics for the month of January 2011. 356 prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 5 house churches planted. Many persons of peace identified where new churches may be started. -Results of the two weeks the volunteer team from Alabama … [Read more...]

Keep Your Promises – Doors of Opportunity Open Will Open!

When you keep your promises, your word, your appointments, it’s amazing how many doors of opportunity open for you. I saw this first hand this week in Kampala. Douglas and I promised two young men (19 and 20 years of age) to be at their place at 9 o’clock Saturday morning to have Bible Study and meet their friends. At the appointed time they waited … [Read more...]

House Church Grows To More Than Eighty Adults-In Less Than Three Months!

Meet George Mabala. He is a former Manna beneficiary (Feb. 2010 - Aug. 2010) who after coming to faith in Jesus Christ opened up a house church at his home and over 80 people now meet there every Monday! George has no schooling. No seminary training. No church background. No building. No staff. But God has used him to grow a church of 80 adults in … [Read more...]

Reach Emma, Reach Gayaza!

Don’t you just love it when a vision and plan come together. Check this out. Hello Jimmy, greetings once again in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Back here we are doing well and our schedules are just crazy in planting house churches and evangelism. Yesterday, Douglas and I went with a man called Emma and launched Bible Way in his … [Read more...]

Half Way Home In 2010

Do you know that it is closer to the beginning of 2011 than it is to the beginning of 2010? Hard to believe isn't it? Over half this year has passed. Time is moving swiftly and I am getting older! Plus, now I have to start thinking about Christmas gifts! It will be here before we know it. Anyway, it is a good time to take a quick look at what … [Read more...]

Naguru Slum, House Churches and Food for the Poor

I received this update from Douglas on the first food distribution for the next six months in Naguru. Naguru is a large slum that sits in valley overlooked by the wealthy. Huge home dot the hillsides that surround this slum. It is truly a picture of the have and have-nots. The picture above overlooks the slum. Because of its size we decided to … [Read more...]

Food Distributed. Churches Started. Nateete Is Moving!

Manna Ministry is off and running in Nateete! Food and mosquito nets have been given to the beneficiaries of Manna and four churches have been started. This is a great start! The LC Chairman said, “No one has ever done any distribution in our area like you have, in a way that is so peaceful, so organized and respectful to our people. We are … [Read more...]