2017, 100 + Volunteers for Uganda

I am praying for more than 100 volunteers to travel to Uganda to work with IMFC in 2017, and I would love for you to be one of the 100. Last year, 2015, 92 people came to work alongside us in Uganda. This is the most we have had in our 10 year history. This year will be a few less because I refused to book during and right after the elections in … [Read more...]

John’s Story From Katwe

Muzee and the team, thanks for what you have done for this old Muzee named John. We found John as we were registering people for Manna Ministry. Everyone we talked to in the community was referring us to John telling us that he is the neediest person in the whole village. Indeed he is. John is around 75 years of age. He does not walk. He does not … [Read more...]


I am happy to say that everything is moving very well in the new areas we are working. In these areas there very many people who are needy, but we were able to choose those who are really needy. We focused on sharing the gospel with them and helping them also to share with their families and friends. We are also training them to save their … [Read more...]

One Reason To Expand

Maria is 25 years of age. She has been a single mother since 2013. She looks after seven children. She is the mother of 4 children and 3 are from her siblings who have died. She has done many jobs like hawking tea, hawking 2nd hand clothes and shoes. By the time we found her, she was hawking children’s clothes and life was hard for them. “When … [Read more...]

They Ran With The Message

Who they were I don’t know. I don’t know their names, occupations or backgrounds. All I know is that they were followers of Jesus who were persecuted and suffering for their faith in him and were religious refugees. I know they had no money, no jobs, no supporting agencies, no Bibles, no discipleship books, no choirs, no Sunday School, no religious … [Read more...]

When I Was In Prison… You Visited Me

10 years ago when IMFC began, operating a prison ministry wasn’t even a consideration. We didn’t see it; we didn’t desire it. Isn’t it amazing the things that are right in front of our faces but we never see! Today, 10 years later, we see it and are astonished by it. Thousands of lives have been impacted through the prison ministry, and the … [Read more...]

Celebrating 10 Year of IMFC and Manna Ministry in Kampala

This was never our plan. Our plan was simple. Start a work in Kampala with our missionary partners, find supporting churches that would build a relationship with the missionaries to continue the work, and then move on to work with someone else. But here we are ten years later, still in Kampala, still operating Manna Ministry, and doing a whole lot … [Read more...]

This Is What Manna Ministry Was Created To Do!

Here is a good story I recieved from Deo about one of the Manna recipients. It is a good way to end the week here and begin my trip back to Uganda. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It brought hope. Nabagereka Sharifa smiled after hearing her names read by Vincent today at the Manna food distribution! She is 23 years old, has a baby … [Read more...]