Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

December 1! Christmas is just a blink of the eye away, 2016 is almost history and 2017 is taking center stage in planning. I want to thank you for your financial gifts and prayers this year. Here's a snapshot of what has happened: The work with Manna Ministry doubled in the slums of Kampala and has reached beyond the slums of Kampala to the … [Read more...]

Water Tank For Luzira Prison

In January, IMFC was able to buy and place 30 beds in Kasangati Prison for the female inmates. In February, we bought a 10,000 liter water tank (2,642 US gallons) to donate to Luzira Remand Prison. In March and April, we worked with the staff of Luzira Remand Prison to construct a tower for the water tank to sit on high above the ground. We bought … [Read more...]

When I Was In Prison… You Visited Me

10 years ago when IMFC began, operating a prison ministry wasn’t even a consideration. We didn’t see it; we didn’t desire it. Isn’t it amazing the things that are right in front of our faces but we never see! Today, 10 years later, we see it and are astonished by it. Thousands of lives have been impacted through the prison ministry, and the … [Read more...]

This Is What We Do!

This week I had to fill out a form for a church that required me to think through what IMFC does and write it down. It was time consuming and a little painful, but very helpful. I remembered why IMFC existed and why I have worked for them the past 10 year. So, I thought I would share it with you. Just a reminder of why you pray for us and why some … [Read more...]

The Maroons Netball Team

Over the past ten years we have given out more than 1,150,000 pounds of beans, rice and posho, more than 3,170 gallons of cooking oil, and more than 150,000 discipleship books! in these ten years more than 20,000 people have been nourished from our food and more than 75,000 people have benefited spiritually from the information in the Bible Way … [Read more...]

Future Leaders in Uganda Hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

This is the Uganda Prison Training School (PTS) in Luzira Prison. Men and women are brought here from every district across Uganda to be trained to work in the prison system. Some are being trained as Junior Officers, others are being trained to be Senior Officers. Each would probably have aspirations and dreams of one day becoming the OC … [Read more...]

No Longer A Thief

I meet a young when I was Kampala in October that really challenged me. His name is Faisal. I have wanted to share his story but for some reason have not until now. Faisal is a testimony to the grace of God and I hope that after reading his story you will join me in praying for him. Faisal strips me of all my excuses! I’m not old enough. I’m … [Read more...]

Freeing Prisoners

Some of you have been asking me, “Are you still working in the prisons?” Absolutely! We are actively engaging 10 prisons across Uganda and at least 10 more are open to or seeking Bible Way to come to them. This week Deo is visiting the prisons in Soroti and Kibuku. Francis will be visiting Luzira and Kasangati Prison. Benon and Francis are … [Read more...]