Bible Way Impacts Nakasongola Prisoners!

Hello Jimmy. Sunday we traveled to Nakasongola Prison. We spent about 15 minuets with the new Officer in Charge - Jacob. He was glad we are doing Bible Way in the area. This is what he says in his own words, "People in Nakasongola district are so much involved with superstition and witchcraft. Any bad happening they attribute it to … [Read more...]

IMFC Ministry Multiplies to Midwestern Uganda in Kibale District

From Kampala to Masindi to Kisiita. It really is amazing how the gospel moves from one person to another person to another person to reach areas not in your plans! We had no plans beyond Kampala when we begin work in Uganda six years ago. But God had other plans. Here is a letter I got from Joseph last week that explains this expansion. I think … [Read more...]

Joseph Tells Kennedy’s Story From Nakasongola Prison

Joseph leads the IMFC team in Kampala. He handles all the IMFC business needs in Uganda and personally directs the Prison Ministry. Hello Jimmy. This is Kennedy’s story of how he came to know the Lord. Kennedy is an inmate in Nakasongola Prison. "My name is Kennedy Kaunda Chris. I'm 28 years old. I was born in a non-christian family … [Read more...]

Far Beyond Our Expectations!

On Sunday, August 15, Douglas and I traveled about two and a half hours north of Kampala to a district of Nakasongola where a prison facility housing about 450 inmates is located. Why? 47 inmates graduated with ‘Diploma’ Certificates from Bible Way! This means they successfully completed the ten courses we provide plus Spiritual Warfare: Who is … [Read more...]

Is There A “Good Problem”? Yes!

His name is Universe Nabber. He has the Army rank of Corporal. He was accused of misusing fuel (gas) and sent to Nakasongola Prison. On August 16, 2009 (one year ago) while in Nakasongola Prison where he was remanded pending the investigation of his case, Universe enrolled in Bible Way’s first course – Who Is Jesus. His Bible Way Student # is … [Read more...]

Half Way Home In 2010

Do you know that it is closer to the beginning of 2011 than it is to the beginning of 2010? Hard to believe isn't it? Over half this year has passed. Time is moving swiftly and I am getting older! Plus, now I have to start thinking about Christmas gifts! It will be here before we know it. Anyway, it is a good time to take a quick look at what … [Read more...]

Opportunity Calls in Jinja Prison

God is at work in the prison’s of Uganda! Here is a story from Luzira Prison in Kampala, Uganda: "Praise be to God! I thank Bible Way Correspondence School because now I know who Jesus is.” “I grew up in my life not knowing Jesus is the way, truth and life because my parents were muslims and not in a clear/right way. But through reading … [Read more...]

Victory Behind Bars In Masindi Prison

On the way to Murchinson Falls Game Park the team stopped at Masindi Prison. A former prisoner in Luzira Prison in Kampala and Bible Way student, Kenneth, moved to Masindi in the summer and began to minister to men and women there. Kenneth receives no salary or benefits for his work. It is truly a work of love, and how God has blessed! Over 150 … [Read more...]