2011 Is Here and It Is Time To Go!

It’s time to go. 2011 is here. The team has been assembled. Tickets have been bought. Passports have be purchased. Vaccinations have been administered. Bags have been packed. The snow and cold has come and stayed! It is time to go to the warm weather of Kampala, Uganda. Saturday I leave with a volunteer team from Alabama. Five from the Mt. Zion … [Read more...]

Tell Them I Love Them

Her name is Silvia. She is mid twenties, one child, former Manna recipient. Silvia lives in the slum Mulago not far from the city center of Kampala, Uganda. When I first met her, she was in bed and very, very ill. I do not know if she is HIV positive for she has never been tested for the disease. Like so may others in the slums of Kampala, she is … [Read more...]

Reach Emma, Reach Gayaza!

Don’t you just love it when a vision and plan come together. Check this out. Hello Jimmy, greetings once again in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Back here we are doing well and our schedules are just crazy in planting house churches and evangelism. Yesterday, Douglas and I went with a man called Emma and launched Bible Way in his … [Read more...]

Bulyaba Harriet, A Remarkable Story Of God’s Grace!

Douglas sent the story of one of the ladies receiving help through Manna Ministry. I hope you will take the time to read it. This story captures why IMFC exist. This is our heart. Here is Bulyaba Harriet, she has been in the program for 6 months and she talks of how we blessed her life. She is 34 years old and a mother of 8 children. She … [Read more...]

Half Way Home In 2010

Do you know that it is closer to the beginning of 2011 than it is to the beginning of 2010? Hard to believe isn't it? Over half this year has passed. Time is moving swiftly and I am getting older! Plus, now I have to start thinking about Christmas gifts! It will be here before we know it. Anyway, it is a good time to take a quick look at what … [Read more...]

Sarah Bewoze: No More Smoking the Witchcraft Pipe-She Got Jesus!

Sarah, a former pipe smoking witchdoctor living in the slum Natete in Kampala, Uganda, has destroyed her pipe! Why? She has given her life to Jesus Christ. Douglas Aliro, Manna Ministry leader, tells her story. It will bless your heart! Man, I love to get these emails. Sarah Bewoze is one of the Manna beneficiaries from the slum Natete. … [Read more...]

God Makes A Way for Bible Way Luganda Speakers in Nakasongola Prison

Here is an email I received from Joseph Esiana this week who leads IMFC’s growing work in the prisons of Uganda. God is not limited by anything! Not our inability, inadequacy, or insufficiency! Nakasongola Prison has had an incredible story about how God makes a way where seems to be no way. Bible Way students studying the Luganda … [Read more...]

Rebel Soldier Ministry In DR Congo Featured In The Baptist Press

The Baptist Press has just featured the work IMFC has sponsored among the rebel soldiers operating in eastern Congo with IMB missionary Rusty Pugh! It is a great story with awesome pictures–except the last one. The one of Rusty. Just kidding! Rusty and Debbie Pugh have become precious friends of mine. I have the greatest respect for him and … [Read more...]