Celebrating 10 Year of IMFC and Manna Ministry in Kampala

Teaching Sudanese how to study Bible Way material

Teaching Sudanese how to study Bible Way material

This was never our plan. Our plan was simple. Start a work in Kampala with our missionary partners, find supporting churches that would build a relationship with the missionaries to continue the work, and then move on to work with someone else. But here we are ten years later, still in Kampala, still operating Manna Ministry, and doing a whole lot more! I must say that I like God’s plan much, much better.

Sunday, I leave with one of IMFC’s board members to return to Uganda to celebrate ten years of ministry. It has been a great journey. Four of our six original employees are still with us. Over twenty more have joined them from across Uganda. We have seen some of these men come to personal faith in Jesus Christ, grow as His disciple, be baptized, marry, have children and become leaders of men. And this is just the men who work with us, there are literally thousands of people whose lives have been changed forever through Manna Ministry, the Prison Ministry and Bible Way Correspondence School. Again, it has been a great journey.

During these ten years we have had many friends and partners who have believed in what we are doing, prayed with us, encouraged us, come to Uganda to work with us, told other people about us and have given their monies to support us. Even when times were really tough, they didn’t stop their support. Some have been with us from the very beginning over ten years ago, others have joined us at some point during the journey. I know who you are and I thank the Lord God Almighty for sending you to us.

I pray you will follow me on Facebook or Instagram as I journey to Uganda to celebrate these 10 years. The next two weeks are going to action packed. On Tuesday we will have a party at the Kampala Kolping Hotel to celebrate what God has done and is doing. The men who lead the work in Mbale, Sironko, Kapchowra, Kumi, Napak and Arua will be traveling to Kampala to join the Kampala Team. Robert, who has been so instrument in the Prison work, and Universe, who open the work in the Uganda Military will also be there. This is the first time in ten years we have attempted to hold a gathering like this and I am excited to see all these guys together in one place.

Then, we open the next ten years of work. First is Manna Ministry. Vincent and his team have selecting the people and they are ready. The food has been bought. It will be packed on Monday and given to the people to begin their time in the program on Wednesday. Then we begin vision casting and training for the next ten years.

On Thursday we will meet with the Kampala team and on Friday we will travel to Kenya to meet the men who are working there. The work in Kenya is an emerging work that everyone is excited about. Almost four hundred have been baptized since January in Kenya by Kenyans! Many are now enrolled in Bible Way. And, all this began as we shared the Gospel and trained men in Kampala to do the same. Pray as we meet the men of Kenya. There are many issues to work out. Just knowing how to get them books and funds for baptism can be very challenging. Someday I hope see IMFC set up as an organization in Kenya. If these men continue to grow and faithfully do the work, I believe this will become reality.

Then it is on to Mbale to meet with the men and women of this area. Mbale has proven to be an amazing work. It is now our largest work inregards to shear numbers. Over 1100 people were baptized in Mbale last year, and this year the work has spread far beyond Mbale. In fact, the work in Kenya, Sironko, Kapchowra and the Karamojong region all begin in Mbale.

Then it is on to Kumi. Wilson came to Christ while in prison in Kasangati through Bible Way. He completed Bible Way and returned to his home in Kumi. Now Wilson is leading many to Christ in Kumi. He just needs to continue to grow as a leader. We will meet with him and his leaders at the first of next week.

After Kumi, we plan to go to the Karamojong in Napak. Robert came to Christ in Mbale. He is Karamojong but had fled to Mbale to escape the drought and hard life he was experiencing in that area. After working with Micheal and being trained, he begin sharing the gospel and lead many Karamojong to Christ in Mbale. He has a real passion to reach his people for Christ. I cannot count the number of people he has lead to Christ in Mbale and back in his homeland. We will meet with him and his men after Kumi.

Then it is on to Arua. This is home to our largest team outside Kampala. These guys have really grown over the past couple of years and are touching a lot of people. I was told when we begin in Arua by people living in Arua and working for a particular denomination that it was impossible to baptize new believers in Arua. But that’s not true; these guys are doing it. Over 150 were baptized last year. Pray they stay focused. Then it is back to Kampala to head home.

What I have just described for you was never our plan. We did not not see or plan for this. But God did. What He has in store for the next ten years, I don’t know. But here is what we must do, stay focused on the basics. Show up where the people are, love them as Jesus loves them, and trust Him and His Gospel to save and change folk. Then we must train them to do the same. If we stay focused on these simple things, God will do things far outside or vision now.

Thanks for your prayers. Stay up with me on Facebook and Instagram. You are a major part of this work and I hope you will celebrate ten years of ministry with us. Then, plan on coming to Uganda and beyond to help in the next ten. The harvest is ready. Have a great day.





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