Freeing Prisoners

Water Works Prison, Arua

Water Works Prison, Arua

Some of you have been asking me, “Are you still working in the prisons?” Absolutely! We are actively engaging 10 prisons across Uganda and at least 10 more are open to or seeking Bible Way to come to them. This week Deo is visiting the prisons in Soroti and Kibuku. Francis will be visiting Luzira and Kasangati Prison. Benon and Francis are traveling to the prisons in Masindi and Nakasongola. James is headed to Arua prison. All the prisons will be receiving Bibles and Bible Way books and Benon and Francis will be delivering washing soap and blankets as well. Here is a message I received from Deo describing the new work in Soroti Prison and the opportunity in Eastern Uganda.

I have had a successful trip to Soroti that is in Eastern Uganda to see the work that is happening there through Bible Way. As the world celebrates the life of Former South African President Nelson Mandela due to his death, we are also celebrating what God is doing in Uganda.

Sharing the Gospel in Luzira Training School

Sharing the Gospel in Luzira Training School

It was June, 2013, when we were invited to Luzira Prison Training School to share the gospel with over 160 Officers in Charge of prisons across Uganda. Two weeks later we were invited back to share the gospel with other officers. Volunteers from the US and the IMFC team shared the gospel with these officers. We had many who responded positively, were saved and enrolled into Bible Way. One of these men is James Okwir, the Deputy Officer in Charge of Soroti Prison. James gave his life to Christ and was enrolled into Bible Way that day. After his training in Luzira Prison Training School, he went back to the main prison in Soroti in Eastern Uganda and shared the same gospel he received while in the school. Out of 600 inmates in Soroti Prison, 233 inmates gave their lives to Christ. He enrolled 100 inmates into Bible Way because of the few Who Is Jesus books we gave him in Kampala. Later he enrolled 133 inmates after receiving more books. Now 233 inmates are enrolled and studying the Bible Way materials. They are enjoying the studies. I was able to visit the prison and gave 20 Bibles to the ward leaders to lead others in the Bible studies. The welcome was awesome and the work of God is real.

Recently, 15 inmates in the Bible Way program in Soroti Prison were transferred from Soroti Prison to Kumi Prison about one hour away. Now they are using their Bible Way materials to reach and share the gospel with the rest of the prisoners in Kumi Prison and are asking us to come help them. The door is now wide open for evangelism in prisons in Eastern Uganda. Altogether, 5 prisons in Eastern Uganda are asking for the Gospel besides the main prison in Soroti: 3 smaller prisons in Soroti, Kumi Prison and Moroto Prison near the Kenyan boarder. Who knows that your prayers and volunteerism may lead to the revival of the whole of Africa!

All this success is for the glory of God and God will reward y’all with the unfading crown for your prayers and partnership of leading many to salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Thanks. In Him,

Team leader, Deo

Continue to pray for this work and the guys as they travel. This work is producing great results. Several inmates have come to faith in Christ, studied the Bible Way materials and left prison to share their faith and books with their family and friends.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

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