Future Leaders in Uganda Hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

This is the Uganda Prison Training School (PTS) in Luzira Prison. Men and women are brought here from every district across Uganda to be trained to work in the prison system. Some are being trained as Junior Officers, others are being trained to be Senior Officers. Each would probably have aspirations and dreams of one day becoming the OC (Officer in Charge) of one of the prisons. Some may even rise to the government positions over the prison system to become the ones who make the rules and determines who can enter to meet and work with the inmates. One day we (IMFC) may have to stand before some of these and ask for permission to work in the prisons with Bible Way. Regardless, these men and women are part of the present and future leadership in the prisons of Uganda that will touch the lives of thousands of inmates. Thousands of people we hope and pray to influence through Bible Way. These trainees are the gatekeepers to them. And Sunday, we had the privilege to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and enroll many into Bible Way. 150 who heard the Gospel prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Last month over 232 prayed to receive Christ when Deo entered to share. Many, many are enrolled in Bible Way. 

I ask you to pray for these people. Pray they grow in their faith and be strong leaders for Christ. Pray that they become the doorway for tens of thousands to come to hear the Gospel and become followers of Jesus Christ. And thank the Lord for the opportunity He has given us to meet and speak with these men and women. May we ever be faithful. 

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