Future Needs


Leadership training Sironko.

Leadership training Sironko.

I need you to join me in prayer. Specifically, I need you to join me in praying that the Lord would help us find someone who can join the IMFC team and assist us in expanding our presence here in the US and to assist in working with the volunteer teams that come to Africa.

  1. Expand our presence here in the US. IMFC’s ministries have grown tremendously in Uganda and now Kenya, plus we have Bible Way books being read and studied in almost every country around these two with the potential for break out ministries in any or all of these countries. The current need and potential for future growth is very, very large. We need help in the US. We have grown the work in Africa but we have not added any supportive help here in the US. It is time to find someone who can help us expand our reach to churches, businesses and individuals. We know that if we are able to meet the requirements of this growing work, we will have to have more partners. I am very grateful to the churches and individuals who believe in what we do, have introduced IMFC to others and have brought them to Africa to join us, but now it is time for IMFC itself to get more aggressive in meeting this need.
  2. Help with the volunteer teams who come to work with us in Africa. IMFC needs help in working with the volunteer teams that come to Africa to work with us. Currently, I am spending five plus months a year in Africa working with volunteer teams and if for some reason I was unable to travel to meet and lead a volunteer team, the IMFC team in Uganda and the volunteers would be in a difficult place. I plan the trips with the groups and run the trips when they arrive in Africa, and according to my wife, I’m getting older and am spending quite a few days away from home. I thought she was just exaggerating until I got up from bed with an additional back ache this morning! So, we need someone who knows how or can learn how to do this and then assist me in doing it.

We are in no hurry. There is no panic. We have great partners now who have enabled us to grow the work to this size through their prayers, financial support, help on the mission field and telling and encouraging others about the work we are doing in Africa. Also, I’m still in good health and believe I have some good years left to work, but we know the time has come to address these issues and we want to be wise and get ahead of the situation. We believe we have just seen the edge of the work and mission opportunity the Lord has for IMFC and we believe the Lord has someone ready who can assist us in accomplishing it. So, if you would just add this to your prayer list, we would greatly appreciate it. And if you know someone who could help us reach the objectives above, you can have them get in contact with me. Thanks.Have a great Labor Day weekend. God bless.


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