Good News! God Is Still Changing Lives!

I’m tried of bad news. IF God is still in control of all things in this UNIVERSE (and I believe and know He is), then there must be something positive happening. Right?

Well, check out these latest stories of God’s grace from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They remind me of the verse that says where sin abounds much more does the grace God.


Born in Bweru village  said: I was helping my father to hunt for having meat(food), one day my father told me that instead of hunting, let us steal the goat which was near us in the bushes, He said we should go into the forest, kill it and return back with meat. I agreed and did.

The owners started searching for their goat and suspected us. They arrived in our home, found meat of goat when we had no goat. We were arrested. For payment, we sold our land and moved to a new village. Life became so difficult. I decided to join CNDP forces at Mweso and got the opportunity to steal, pill and beating people. I am now in the army. According to the gospel, I understand  that I was lost. I repent of my sins, believe in Jesus Christ and receive him to be my Lord and saviour .


Born in Equateur province, said: I was a thief. I have been imprisoned many times because of stealing. One day I succeeded to runaway from prison and joined the troops of MLC (rebel movement of JP BEMBA) where I continued without any fear of my acts – stealing, pilling, killing people for their monies and value things.

When I joined the army, I heard for my first time the gospel from our military chaplain and neglected. It is now my first time to hear the gospel from civil servant of God. Now I say may God forgive me. I repent of my sins. I decide to give my life to Jesus Christ.

We prayed for him, he believed and received Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Saviour

Caporal Mbarushimana,

Born in Rutshuru zone, Jomba village said: I was born in a pagan family. I grew up helping  my father to do fetish. I saw this activity as good since it brought monies to my family. During the war, 1996-1997, my parents ,sisters and brothers were killed. I left our village by fear and joined the army AFDL. I continued in darkness using fetish to get money, wives, girls for adultery, drugs and other bad things.

Now according to the gospel I hear from you, I say God may forgive me all my sins. Pray for me. I believe and receive Jesus Christ to be my  Lord and  saviour.

Continue to pray for the men that go out among these soldiers to share the gospel. Pray for their safety and ask the Lord to grant them a powerful anointing with Holy Spirit. They labor in some difficult and dangerous places.

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