Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Baptism in Mbale

Baptism in Mbale

December 1! Christmas is just a blink of the eye away, 2016 is almost history and 2017 is taking center stage in planning.

I want to thank you for your financial gifts and prayers this year. Here’s a snapshot of what has happened:

The work with Manna Ministry doubled in the slums of Kampala and has reached beyond the slums of Kampala to the Sudanese refugees living in Arua. More than 24,000 pounds of beans, rice and posho have been distributed along with 2,400 liters of cooking oil each and every month.

The prison ministry grew from 14 prisons to over 35 prisons across all Uganda plus the prison officials working in the Uganda Prison Headquarters located in Kampala and the Prison Training School in Luzira Prison in Kampala.

The Discipleship Making Movement (Acts 11:19-22) has spread across all Northern Uganda and has penetrated Kenya to such a degree that we are in the process of registering IMFC as organization in Kenya so the government officials will not interfere with the men and women who are sharing their faith, enrolling people into Bible Way and started local house churches.

The cost of baptism has been successfully transferred from IMFC to the people being baptized. The numbers have dropped some but over 3,000 people were counted for baptism even if they paid the cost to get to the place of baptism.

Over 120,000 Bible Way discipleship books have been printed and distributed across Uganda, into a large portion of Western and Central Kenya, into the DR Congo, Southern Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania. A PDF of the first book, Who Is Jesus, has been emailed to one of the men trained in Uganda who now resides in South Africa and has lead people to Christ around Johannesburg. He desires to disciple them as he was discipled.

The reusable sanitary pads for women has really caught on. Workshops are continuing to be held around the city and the women are making them and using them. One of the ladies trained in Kampala was paid by people in Gulu who heard about this work to coome to Gulu and teach them how to make the pads. Some women have discovered they can make the pads to sell and have started small businesses.

The Maama Kits continue to used of God to help the poor, expectant Moms who do not have the money to pay for the services and supplies of the hospitals. The IMFC Manna Team is trying to discover better ways to educate these expectant Moms on what to expect when they give birth and to begin preparing for it now. In some of these trainings, women who have given birth to their children after receiving a Maama Kit, have come to talk to these women, share their experiences and encourage them. This is a work in process.

2016 has been a great year and I am very grateful to you for your help and support. I encourage you to continue to pray for IMFC and the work in 2017. We have not set goals for the last two years and do not have goals for next year, 2017. We have committed ourselves to do the essentials things God called us to do to the very best of our abilities. We know that if we do these few things well, then these numbers I cited above will grow. They are far beyond anything I would have set two or three years ago. Pray that we remain faithful to the simple things He has called us to do. Pray that we never lose our passion for the people and our Lord Jesus Christ. And pray that the Lord will bring the people beside us who share this vision to help us carry it to an entirely different level. This is His time and it is so short for us. Pray that we use this time well.

Several people are already in the process of preparing to come and participate in the work in 2017. Teams are scheduled for January, February, June, July and August. I would love to talk to you about coming or even leading a group of people. It would be a help to us and a life changing experience for you.

Have a great day and weekend. And again, thanks.


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