Grace Stories From Soldiers In DR Congo

I haven’t posted much lately from the ministry among the rebel soldiers outside Goma, DR Congo, but incredible life-change is happening.

I Just received the October report from Pastor Pascal. The teams of pastors went out to the soldier camps the first two weeks in October. Forty-nine (49) soldiers prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Here are three stories that Pascal included in his report that blessed my heart. I think they will bless yours as well.

Soldier MAHIRWE – Mukuyu Camp:
Mahirwe said that he was born in a pagan family. He was taken forcedly by rebels to join their group at age 13. He is now 19.

In the military service with rebels, they taught him to use drugs so he was became crazy. He killed innocent people for not giving him beer or monies. When he attended the government army he diminished due to advice from his major.

We shared the gospel with him. He said the book of Romans made him afraid and showed him how the creator loves people. He decided to repent of his sins and believe in Jesus Christ to be his Savior and Lord. He will be attending the church to learn more. He asked us to come back again.

-Adj James – Kikuku camp:
He said that he attend PARECO group to hide him self because he was thief. Being a rebel, he used to steal on road monies and things of value from passengers. He set fire to the cars of those who tried to runaway. The monies he received from his crimes were used to buy beer and prostitution. In the government army he didn’t change, but there he was learning to obey people and their properties.

He said the gospel we brought to him said James came at right time. He said he needed God to forgive him and he accepted Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior.

We prayed for him and he is now attending a Baptist church in Kikuku.

-Caporal NTAHOBAHISHA – Kahira camp:
He said that in his life he did many bad things, mainly adultery. He attended rebel group and being a bandit with military uniform, he thought to have the authorization to do bad things to everyone.

When they were fighting against government forces, he saw his colleagues die. He became afraid and now he fears to go to fighting ground.

Time came to join the government army. One day they went to fight FDLR. Some of his friends died and his back was partially wounded.

We shared the gospel with him and he discovered the love of God. He wanted to repent of his sins. He says God forgave him and Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior. He said that he will attend regularly the church to hear the gospel for growing in faith.

Continue to pray for this ministry and pray for the men who have given their lives to Christ. Also, pray for the pastors who leave their families to journey out to where the soldier camps are.

To God be the glory!


  1. There’s a terrific amount of knelwodge in this article!

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