Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!

Jennifer poses for photo with some of her family

Jennifer poses for photo with some of her family

2017 has been a very good year for IMFC and I want to thank you for your partnership and help during this Thanksgiving season. Your prayers, your financial gifts, your presence and hard work in the slums and villages of Uganda, your speaking to someone else about our work has made the work this year possible. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the source of all achievement and that He is the Lord of the harvest, but He uses willing people who love Him and are committed to His work to accomplish His mission. He has used you to help us this year, and I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Here is one story from a single mom in the slum Soweto, Kampala, Uganda that illustrates what has been achieved through Manna Ministry that makes me exceedingly grateful:

Here is the buy of the Thanksgiving season. Three chicken feet for 200 shillings. That’s only two cents apiece! Now, where else can you go to find chicken feet for such a low price?

Jennifer, a 34 year old single mom living today in the slum Soweto, fled her home when the tribal fighting in Western Uganda claimed the life of her husband three years ago. As Jennifer fled the region, she picked up some children along the way that were abandoned because their parents had been killed in the tribal fighting.

Jennifer made it to Soweto with her two children, a niece and the orphaned children. In all there are more than 11 people living with Jennifer in her small one room house in Soweto that she has been trying to provide for. Because of the lack of food and hopelessness, her oldest daughter and niece turned to prostitution to obtain money to buy food. Both became pregnant and now have two small children. This is how Manna found them.

Today, after four months in Manna Ministry, Jennifer and her children and niece are born again, baptized, studying the Bible Way books, in a church and have started a business to provide for them once the Manna food is gone. They no longer are involved in prostitution and are now are sharing the Gospel with their neighbors. When I asked Immaculate, Jennifer’s oldest child what she learned in Bible Way, she told me she learn to live by faith as Paul did because there is hope even in their desperate situation. Immaculate said the book, The Life of Paul, touched her heart deeply.

Jennifer’s niece, whose name I cannot spell, had been raised a Muslim. She also gave her life to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, and after giving her life to Christ, saved her own money to pay for the transport to go to Lake Victoria to be baptized. She is no longer involved in prostitution and is now sharing the gospel with her friends.

Jennifer has started a small family business of selling chicken feet. They buy them, clean them, cook them and sell three chicken feet for 200 Uganda Shillings. Jennifer said the family can make 5,000 to 10,000 Uganda Shillings profit per day depending on the number of chicken feet they buy. This comes to about $1.50 to $3.00 US per day profit. Jennifer and her family are working hard at their business and have hope that when Manna Ministry leaves them, they will be able to care for themselves. Jennifer is very, very grateful for all the support and help that has been given to her and her family by you. I am too. Thank you.

Pam and I will be praying for you and your family. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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