Hell Is No More

The name of the bar was Hell. It was no more than a 6×10 room with no lights or water.

Names written on the walls of Hell

Names written on the walls of Hell

The walls of Hell were lettered with the names of its members in orange and were lined with chairs where the gang members sat as they drank and smoked drugs. More than 40 people called Hell their bar. Fights often broke out and the members who misbehaved were lashed with a thick, rubber coated cable. The local police were often called to come to Hell but refused to enter for they feared the place. The men of Hell were thieves and the women were prostitutes. They had no jobs and less hope. They were in Hell.

Jamila, Charles, Gift and Solomon with Richard's children

Jamila, Charles, Gift and Solomon with Richard’s children

Richard, Charles, Solomon, and Jamila grew up together in Keybondo and founded Hell. Solomon loaned Richard the money to open the bar after Richard lost his job selling newspapers and later became the Chairman of Hell. Richard was called the Chief Lucifer of Hell and his wife, Gift, was known as the Chief Female Lucifer. Charles was head of security. Hell was their business.

Today everything is different. Hell is now called Heaven. A church meets where men and women drank and performed lewd acts. The chairs that lined the walls have been replaced by a bed, sofia and chair, and a coffee table. The alcohol and drugs are gone and the people are changed. Jamila is a school teacher teaching grades 1-6. She is now born again and shares the gospel with the students and teachers. Charles is a follower of Jesus and is looking for a job after the super market he was working at closed recently. Solomon is also born again and buys vegetables in the village and sells in town. Richard passed away two months ago and left behind the story of a changed man. Solomon and Jamila are taking care of his wife, Gift, and children. They are all baptized, working through Bible Way and meet as church in the room where they once drank.

The change in these people is amazing from the day I first meet them in Hell one year ago. Frankly, I was fearful to enter Hell with a drunkard but Richard was insistent that we share with his friends. He would not leave me alone. He was always there begging me to come. I will never forget when he told me he had heard a voice in his head telling him to come get us to share a message with them. I am grateful for Deo who realized the danger but sensed the call of God to go and for Micheal and Robyn, two volunteers who went with us to Hell and shared with the people. God was at work. He spoke to a drunk and through that drunk to us. He directed us to a group of people He was going to change through the simple Gospel. The change was not quick or easy. It was messy. But the story of Hell is known though out the community, the community leaders and police officers. Pray for these people. They are just starting their journey with Christ, but they have begun. Their Hell is no more.

Thanks for your prayers and support.


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