IMFC Sets Up Office In Eastern Uganda

House Church in the villages of Buseta

Buseta is located about 5 hours east of Kampala near the Kenyan border. Since January we have been training men from this area in church planting and challenging them to reach their area for Christ. Today, there are 105 groups, like the one pictured here, that meet throughout this area with over 1500 people gathering to study the scriptures using the simply Bible study method, S.O.T. Almost 1,000 people are enrolled in Bible Way and are actively studying the Bible Way books. More than 170 people have been baptized and more are waiting to be baptized. What can I say? God has blessed.

Here is how this work begin. Three years ago we worked the slum Naguru in Kampala. Many people came to Christ. House churches were started and people’s lives were changed through the food delivered by Manna Ministry, the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Bible studies, the Bible Way books and the volunteer teams that traveled from the US. One man named Smith, a drunkard and security guard, heard the Gospel and came to faith in Jesus Christ. His life was radically changed. He shared with his friend Moses who gave his life to Christ. Moses had a friend Abraham who came to faith in Jesus as Moses shared Christ with him. All three of these men, Smith, Moses, and Abraham, were involved in the house church movement in Naguru and the leadership training. Last fall Abraham returned to his village in Buseta to share Christ with his family and friends. Abraham won a man named Andrew to Christ who has since won many, many more. In March, Deo begin going to Buseta to train these men leading the house churches. Since then the number of churches have exploded as these men simply take action on the training they are receiving. Now Abraham and Andrew are working for IMFC in Buseta as Church Planters and two of their disciples are working as Bible Way graders. Absolutely amazing. None of this was planned by us except sharing the gospel in Naguru. Then God took control!

New Office Space In Buseta

Last month we rented a small office space in Buseta so that the books can be graded there instead of being brought all the way back to Kampala. Benon and James are traveling there this week to get everything setup. Pray for this work. Pray for Abraham, Andrew, Lamsun and Deo as they lead the work in Buseta and the surrounding areas. And pray that the gospel will spread from here to Kenya!

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