Impacting Women’s Lives In The Slums of Kampala And Beyond

Expectant Moms collect their Maama Kits in Soweto

Expectant Moms collect their Maama Kits in Soweto

Maama Kits and re-usable sanitary pads for women, two new ministries not on our radar last December that are working alongside Manna Ministry to help the people in the slums of Kampala. Here is a quick update from Vincent who leads our work in Kampala.

Maama Kits
We are very glad and thankful to God and to the people who support the Maama Kit ministry. Since June we have given 400 Mama kits to expectant mothers in the slums. All have given birth to healthy babies except three. We have lost 3 babies and one mother to death. We do not know how many others may have died without the Maama Kits. The communities are very grateful for this ministry. They see it saving many mothers.

Pray for us as we learn how to do this ministry better. Now, we are forming groups with only expectant mothers. We do meet with them to encourage them and teach them how to save shillings to prepare for the birth of their baby and how to take care of their children once they are born. Sometimes we even have some of the women who have given birth using the Maama Kit to come and share with them. Most of these women have never been taught and they need this. Thank you for helping us in this ministry.

Women’s Reusable Sanitary Pads

Workshop in Katanga training these women to make their own pads

Workshop in Katanga training these women to make their own pads

Trainings are moving forward in the communities of Katwe, Kabalagala, Namuwongo, Kyebando and Katanga. Many people have been blessed learning how to make these re-usable sanitary pads. In Katwe, Suzan’s group, the first group we trained to do this, is making them for themselves, teaching others how to make them and are making them on orders from different people who buy them from them. In Kyebando, Bravo’s group is also making money selling them to others. They are supplying them to the Indians. Bravo has been hired by the village people who paid her to go and teach them how to make these re-usable pads. She has gone to the Northern part of Uganda to teach, Gulu and some other areas.

This is a huge blessing to these ladies and their families. They are using them, training others to make them and making money by selling them. Thank you Mum Pamela and the team of ladies from the US that taught Suzan and other ladies of the slums how to make these pads. Thank you Muzee and the people who are supporting this program. It is so amazing to see and hear how it helping these ladies and their families. Thank you so, so much.


These are two ministries that are very low cost, but highly effective. Maama Kits cost just under 5 dollars each with transport included. The sanitary workshops only have the cost of materials and something to give Susan to lead the training, then the ladies provide their own resources as they make more and teach others. Simple. Effective. Life changing. Thanks.


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