Incredible Stories of God’s Grace

Grace Stories From DR Congo

Here are a few remarkable “Grace stories” from the work in March that I thought you might enjoy reading. I love these!

Kitchanga team:
Fantone,Kazungu.  I was born in a pagan  and very poor family. When  I was 14(in 1998), soldiers of RCD (rebel movement) took me for helping them to take water and brought me in their camp. I lived there and one year later I became a good soldier; I  participated to many wars (fighting) some of my colleagues died, but I am alive. Now hearing the gospel I discover that is the love of God to me to be alive up to now. I repent my sins and believe in Jesus Christ to be my Lord and saviour.

Minova team:
Maonero. I was born in a pagan family. I grew up without any help. When I was 20, I entered in the army. During fighting I was happy to kill enemies until my colleagues named me satan. When we were taking people in hostage, they were asking me to kill them and was doing so. Now after hearing the gospel,  I find all of those creature (people killed ) were my brothers and sisters. I repent my sins; may God forgive me. Since this day I believe and receive Jesus Christ in my heart to be my Lord and Saviour. Continue praying for me.(He is a soldier of regular army)

Nyanzale team
Sengabo. I was a pagan. One day I beat my wife and she was seriously injured. I was afraid to be arrested and imprisoned for that fault. I went to join a rebel group and became soldier. I continued my bad behaviour and I didn’t hear about the gospel. Now as I hear the gospel, I know that God loves me. I repent my sins and believe in Jesus Christ to be my Lord and  saviour.

-In Nyanzale area  at Ngoolo, soldiers intimidated us asking us to sit down on mud. After a long explanation they accepted us to witness. They heard us and 24 of them were saved.

-In Kitchanga area, Mpanamo village, CNDP troops refused us and talked wickedly to us asking us to leave the area and to go preach FDLR (Democratic Forces for Rwanda Liberation) who threaten Congolese. We left. (What’s the grace story here? God took care of the pastors! That’s grace.)

Grace story from Bible Way Clubs in Kampala, Uganda

From Lillian (Student # 52558): A High School Student
“I truly bless the Lord for this course. It has encouraged me to dig deeper in the word and memorize it each time am facing a challenge. It has also strengthened my faith because it was almost fainting due to the challenges am facing in my family and even my personal walk with the Lord.
“I’m so grateful that the Lord is using this project to be a light to so many and bringing the lost back home. Please I’m so humbled and blessed because this was an answered prayer. It’s my prayer that I go through it to the end. God bless.”

Grace story from Lazier Remand Prison

From Peter (Student # 57717): A Prisoner in
“I have witnessed and taken Jesus as my Savior. This has been due to the tremendous work you been doing at Luzira Remand Prison. I think it’s not only me who has taken Jesus as my Savior but a lot my fellow prisoners (colleagues) have done so.
“Therefore Pastor Joseph and Douglas, nothing I can pay you but the reward (wage) is in heaven (to the Father) because you have done your task.
God Bless you.”

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