John’s Story From Katwe



Muzee and the team, thanks for what you have done for this old Muzee named John. We found John as we were registering people for Manna Ministry. Everyone we talked to in the community was referring us to John telling us that he is the neediest person in the whole village. Indeed he is. John is around 75 years of age. He does not walk. He does not see. He has a tube in him to help him pass urine. He has no family. John is just there in this small house helpless.

John depends on the well wishers living around him fpr help. One time when I visited him, I had to help him fix his pouch. People who were helping him got tired and stopped coming around. They left him to die.

In February, Vincent took me meet John. John lives in the slum Katwe in Kampala and has just been enrolled into Manna Ministry. When I visited him, he was lying on a bed behind a curtain in a very small house. John would not come out from behind the curtain or open the curtain that surrounded his bed to see or meet me because he was embarrassed. His catheter tube had come out. He couldn’t get out of bed, he was naked, he couldn’t pass urine, he was in much pain and he was covered in his waste. As I talked to this man behind the curtain, I knew we could not leave him there to die in this condition. We had to do something. Simply praying for him and leaving him with food he could never cook was no option. He deserved to at least have his dignity back, so we made arrangements to carry him to a doctor. That was about one month ago, here’s the report I received from Vincent on his current condition.

We carried John to the doctor and his tube was cleaned and placed back in him. As we left the doctor, John told me that he had been resurrected from the dead and now has hope. Muzee, John was almost flying because of happiness. He is still improving and is very grateful to God. We have talked to his neighbors and have someone who comes to prepare his food and help clean him. John has many problems and needs; we are trying to work out some of them as we look for a way forward with John. But he is improving. God bless you and the team that made this possible.

I often send out updates that speak to the number of people who make decisions, or are baptized, or complete the first book of Bible Way, Who Is Jesus, but the thing I take the greatest pleasure in reporting are the stories of how God works in the life of one simple person like John. He isn’t rich. He isn’t famous. No one will ever notice if he lives or dies. He is a nobody. But God cares for him and has given IMFC and Manna Ministry the wonderful opportunity to care for him and enable him to live with dignity.

As I stood in John’s home that day and spoke to him behind the curtain, I knew that the Lord had directed us to him and that the legitimacy and integrity of IMFC was at stake. How could we (I) just walk away knowing that John needed more than a bag of food. If nothing changed, he would die with our food setting in the corner of his house. Giving a bag of food is easy; doing what is necessary is more difficult, especially when you really don’t know what to do and whatever you do is not covered in the budget. So, what do you do? You do what you can do. You take one step at a time to meet the need God has placed before you and this becomes your act of spiritual worship of the Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. This is where we (I) demonstrate to the Heavenly Father that we (I) love Him. Thank you for partnering with us and enabling IMFC and me to do this. Keep praying for John and pray that the Lord give us wisdom in knowing how to care for him moving forward.

Have a great week. God bless.


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