Lydia: From Prostitution to Christ

Vincent sent me the story of Lydia along with others from Manna Ministry, but her story has touched my heart uniquely.

Lydia with three of her children

As I was visiting Manna recipients with Alex, we visited Lydia Longok. She is 26 years old and mother of 5 children. Lydia’s family comes from Moroto in Karamojong, but she was born here in Kampala. Lydia lost all her parents and has stayed by herself. She has relatives but when her parents died every one departed from her.

Due to the hardships of her life, Lydia begin selling herself into prostitution to earn a living and get something to eat. All five children come from this time in her life and each have different fathers. The result of her prostitution is that she is now HIV positive and is taking ARVS. The medicine is very strong and has affected her eyes so that she can’t see well. Lydia takes responsibility for her condition. She told us that it was her own mistake to sell herself into prostitution and now she is struggling with the virus. In all her struggles and hardships there is one thing Lydia is proud of, she has now given her life to Jesus Christ! Lydia is grateful to God for saving her and getting her into the Manna program.

Lydia needs special care and if she gets that, she has a chance to be strong again. She is in the program that is Manna and receives the Manna Ministry food but she can’t do anything to help herself. Sometimes she stays without a meal due lack of charcoal to cook the food. The doctors have recommended special food for her: Milk (2 liters), fresh tomatoes, the little silver fish to mix into beans, greens like cabbages, onions, dodos and Avocado and Charcoal. Today, Lydia is not in good condition due to lack of care, but we believe she can live long if she gets the care the doctors have ordered.

Lydia is weak and can do very little to help herself. Her children are still young so they can’t help. The first is 10 years (Jeff), the second is 8 years (Shifrah), the third is 6 years (Afitah), the fourth is 4 years (Emmanuel) and the second is 2 years (Banker). They did test for HIV and are all ok. They are virus free. Three of the children live with her and two are living with well-wishers who are taking care of them.

Lydia lives daily by help from well-wishers. One friend paid her rent for 3 months, but Lydia doesn’t know what will happen next when the rent is due again.

Lydia’s story is a sad story but we thank God that she has given her life to Jesus Christ and is in Bible Way and house church. The food from Manna Ministry is helping her to feed her children since she can’t do any work. They are totally dependent on the food we are giving them in Manna Ministry. Pray for them. Pray that Lydia will get stronger and be able to find ways to provide for her family.

Thank you so much.


Pray for Vincent, Alex and the rest of IMFC Manna Ministry Team as they work with Lydia and hundreds more like her. Pray that they understand how to really help Lydia so that when she leaves the Manna program she is able to stand on her on and build a life for her children. Pray that her kids escape the dangers of living in poverty and hopelessness in the slums of Kampala. Pray that Lydia continue to grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and lead her children to faith in Christ as well.

Thank you for your help and prayers.


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