Man to Man: How the Gospel Moves

SironkoDisciplesAnytime you hear or read anything from me about IMFC’s Acts 1119 Project or Discipleship Making Movement, this story that Deo sent me is what I am referencing.

The story of Micheal, Samuel, Reuben and Rashid has increased my passion and commitment to share the gospel!

Years back Jimmy and I met Micheal in the slums of Kamwokya after a Manna distribution and visitation of the beneficiaries. We were hurrying back to meet the volunteers returning from the field when this drunkard man called Michael stopped us and really begged us to share with him. We did. Michael received Christ through prayer and immediately enrolled in Bible Way. We had no idea how this man would change, be baptized, be trained and lead thousands to Christ!

Micheal returned to his home in Mbale after being trained in disciple making and has led several to Christ and trained them. These have now led several others to Christ and trained them. Samuel is one of these men. Michael led Wilson to Christ, Wilson led Samuel to Christ and Samuel has led hundreds to Christ, both Ugandans and Kenyans! One man Samuel led to Christ is Reuben. Reuben then led Robin to Christ. Both these men, Reuben and Robin, are from Kenya and are now working with IMFC in Kenya.

Rashid on left, Samuel in middle, Michael on right

Rashid on left, Samuel in middle, Michael on right

Another man Samuel led to Christ is Rashid. Rashid was a very influential man in the Mosque which is right across from his home. He is the LC1 Chairman and is working with the local government in Mbale. Rashid received Christ after Samuel shared John 3 with him. The man prayed to receive Christ. He said “Bye-Bye” to Islam and “Yes” to the Savior, Jesus Christ! Rashid attended Samuel’s and my training on disciple making in Mbale. Rashid has since led other Muslims to Christ and is walking with them around his village and Mbale town sharing John 3! This is very unusual. Pray for Rashid to be strong and for God to keep him away from harm! Rashid is enrolled in Bible Way and is now on the second book!

One of the reasons IMFC exists is found in 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will be able to train others also.” Michael, Samuel and Rashid are reliable men and they are finding more! Pray for them.

Dear prayer warriors, partners, brothers and sisters in the Lord, the seed and sacrifice of giving generously, and traveling thousands of miles to come to Uganda and share the message of Christ has led to the inevitable success of this ministry! Let us keep lighting the world by loving the people, sharing the message of Jesus Christ and trusting God for the harvest as if we’re going to die tomorrow!

Yours in Him,


This story only tells part of the story. 12 years ago I had no clue. I had served as pastor of five different churches in three different states for 28 years, but I had no clue of what was possible. Today I do. I know Michael, Samuel, Nakoko, Rueben, Robin, Robert, Owino, Cornelius and many more. I have seen some of these men come to Christ, be baptized, trained and go with the Gospel. I have seen first hand what God can do when simple people take what they know and have and run with it. It has been amazing. I pray for them. This work has our name on it, but it is theirs. They are IMFC and I am praying for them. Join me.


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