Morris, Church Planter Awindiri, Arua

David said, “Weeping may remain in the night but joy comes in the morning!” Psalm 30:5

In the south of Arua town, Uganda, is a village named Awindiri which when translated means “Continuous Crying”! The place is about 5 minutes form White Castle where the volunteers were lodging. In this area is a young man who was one of our translators for the Volunteers.


His name is Morris. Morris is 25 year of age, husband to one wife and they have one daughter. Morris became born again three years ago during his high school years. Coming from a catholic background, he received a lot of persecution from his family especially his dad for forsaking his dad’s religion! His dad refused to pay his school fees and that led Morris to drop out of school! As he continued in his passion to love and serve God, he went with a certain group on a mission trip to Sudan. On returning, he found his dad had chased his wife out of home! And now his family is persecuting him. He has been chased from the house as well. Today, they live in a house of friend who is on a business trip.

In January, Morris was identified as one of our translators and actually translated for us. We trained him in Church Planting and Bible Way. Morris has blown our minds away! Four (4) weeks after the volunteers left Arua, Morris has planted five (5) Churches in an area where we never carried volunteers to share Christ!. We’ve baptized two people from this area which means “Continuous Crying”. I know God is turning their crying to joy!

Morris has a huge passion to serve the Lord no matter what! Pray for him.

In Christ’s Vineyard,
Joseph Esiana

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