New Work Opens In DR Congo

January of this year, IMFC joined Pastor Habimana, leader of the Union of Baptist Churches of DRC (UEBCO), and Rusty Pugh, IMB missionary, in an effort to reach out to the rebel soldiers operating in Eastern DR Congo with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is a short video explaining the work and the men who are involved in it.

Pray for these men, the rebel soldiers they are ministering to and the churches they lead.


  1. It is encouraging to see those who are reaching the ‘most depraved’ of humanity, with the powerful message of the cross. I have been praying for men like these. May the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ bring deep conviction, confession, repentance and spiritual transformation to eastern Congo. Those who recognize the message of the cross have the very power of God. 1 Cor. 1:16-32; 2:1-16 The international community & UN/MONUC cannot make this claim. God’s wisdom is needed.
    Dan Nelson

  2. Jean Pierre Munezero says:

    that is a good work when you do can God bless you and bless pastor Habimana.

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