No Longer A Thief

Faisal stands between Vincent and Kintu

Faisal stands between Vincent and Kintu

I meet a young when I was Kampala in October that really challenged me. His name is Faisal. I have wanted to share his story but for some reason have not until now. Faisal is a testimony to the grace of God and I hope that after reading his story you will join me in praying for him.

Faisal strips me of all my excuses! I’m not old enough. I’m don’t have enough money. I’m don’t have the proper education or credentials. I’m not smart enough. You see, Faisal is a 19 year old street kid, orphaned, living in the slum Katwe in Kampala, Uganda. He was born in Iganga, a small town about 3 hours east of Kampala on the road to Nairobi, Kenya. He never knew his parents. They died when he was very young. He doesn’t know their names, what they looked like or what they died from. Faisal grew up as a street kid in Iganga. He lived on the streets. He slept on the streets and he ate what was given to him or what he stole.

About 7 years ago a kind hearted person thought Faisal would be better off in Kampala, so he brought him to Kampala and left him on the streets there. He may have had good intentions, but all he did is exchange the streets of Iganga for the streets of Kampala. Faisal had no support, no job, no family, no help, so he resorted to stealing to survive and became very skilled at it. He could steal anything. One day he stole 20 bicycles. The local people tell that he used to steal the food they were cooking. He would not just steal the food out of the pot but would take the pot with the food in it. After eating the food, Faisal would wash the pot and sell it. He became part of a gang of thieves in Katwe. They worked in clusters of 10. This was Faisal life until March, 2014, when the police raided the area. Faisal and several of his friends were captured and placed in Luzira prison. In June, a group of volunteers working with IMFC entered the prison to share the gospel. Faisal heard the Gospel that day and gave his heart and life to Jesus.

Faisal helps Kintu distribute Bible Way books on the streets of Katwe slum

Faisal helps Kintu distribute Bible Way books on the streets of Katwe slum

In July, Faisal was released from prison and returned to Katwe. One of IMFC’s church planters, Deogracius KIntu, found Faisal in his area of work and begin to disciple him after Faisal told him he gave his life to Jesus in Luzira prison. Today, Faisal is baptized and some of his friends are helping him to learn the Bible Way books. Faisal has a good memory and has learned how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the story of Nicodemus and has lead several people to faith in Jesus. He starts house churches. He leads them in Bible Study using the SOT method. He enrolls people into Bible Way and collects the books to be carried for grading. Faisal still can’t read. He can’t write. But he is doing the work of Christ. In fact, some of the local people have seen the change in his life, going from thief to follower of Jesus Christ, and have given their lives to Christ as a result. Faisal has taught me that there are no excuses to doing the work of Christ. Just do what you can do. God will bless and many will come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for Faisal. He still has no permanent job. He tries to pick up day jobs that pay very little. He lives in a very basic structure with no furnishings. But he seems to be happy. He has changed. Pray that the Lord who has touched his heart and changed his life will provide all that he needs in life.


  1. God called Faisal in person.And nothing just happens; everything happens for a purpose. Whatever Faisal has gone through is an encouragement to us that God is always there for us. He will never leave us alone.Heb.13:5. And that we can only identify our purpose in life through the love of God.

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