One Decision Could Change Your Live Forever

Can one simple decision, one action alter the course of your life forever? Think about it. Your life is made up of thousands and thousands of decisions and is influenced by the numerous decisions others are making daily. How can one decision, big or small, stand up as the one that has altered your life forever? Well, I have found such a decision in my life and the picture of these friends with Pam and me from last week bring it to mind. As a result of this one decision, they and many others who have come after them have played a key role in what God has done in our lives and the lives of others in the US and Africa.

In August, 1983, thirty-three years ago this year, Pam and I decided to do something that has brought us to the place we are today. I resigned from my position as the Pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Alexandria, Alabama to attend Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Today, I look back at that decision and I see an outcome that I never dreamed, hoped or prayed for – the ability to influence tens of thousands of people for the Lord Jesus Christ yearly. I’m not exagerating nor speaking ministrially! When Pam and I drove away from our families and friends in Alabama to move to Texas, we did not know that we were driving to the place where the Lord would provide the credentials I would need for us to meet the people that would lead to the businessmen who would be instrumental in the formation of IMFC and our work in Africa. Plus, on a personal note, this sequence of events would place our children in the churches and schools where they would meet their future husbands and lead to our wonderful grandchildren! This one decision was truly a life changing decision for us in that it placed us into the lives of people that we would have never met otherwise.

What would our lives be like today if we had not made the decision to move away from our families, friends and home to attend seminary in a place where we knew no one and had no way of providing for our needs? What if we had decided to stay in the known? What if we had decided to live where we were comfortable and secure? What if we had let fear and the influence of others who saw no value in us leaving so I could attend seminary sway us away from moving? Just what would our lives and the lives of our children look like? I don’t know, but I am so grateful to the Lord that He gave us the courage to make that move thirty-three years ago. We didn’t know what we were doing then but He did. We didn’t know the future but He did. And He, who works all things out for the good of His people who are called according to His grace and His plans, was at work in our lives to bring us to the place we are today. To God be the glory!

Today, you will make many decisions. Never underestimate the importance that decision could have on your future life or the lives of your children or grandchildren. And never doubt the Lord’s ability to use your decision to accomplish much for His eternal Kingdom. Maybe the Lord God Himself has brought you to this time and this decision. Be wise.

Have a great day.


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