One Simple, Organic Church Experience In Biina Zone

Pam and I rode with Benon to Biina Zone to meet with the House Church there. This small group of believers formed in February when Manna Ministry came to the area and it has been meeting for almost six months.

I really enjoyed meeting with these people. There was no pretense. No performance. No hype. Just simple people, very poor people meeting together to worship the Lord. The singing was not great. There was no music. No sound system. Just the natural voices of the people as they sang, prayed and clapped.

We stood outside in the courtyard in front of several small mud homes in the light of the fading evening sun. Mats were strewn out on the ground for the people to sat on. Chairs were brought out for Pam and me as we were their special guest.

About 20 adults in all gathered. (Benon says that they usually have more than 30) Mostly women. Only two men. Some old, some young. There was one young lady there with twin babies. I came to find out that her husband died while she was pregnant with HIV. She is also HIV positive and is a participant in the Manna food program in Biina Zone. This lady is one of the reasons that the Manna program is so important. Her physical life has been lengthened, and through it she has found the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

When prayer requests were taken, everyone had a request. Everyone was sick. One of the little babies was sick with pneumonia. One man need a job. Probably everyone did but he was the only one to mention it. One JaJa (Elderly Grandmother), wanted prayer for her eyes that were simply growing old and dim.

We prayed. One of the men led the prayer asking the Lord to heal and help the people. For some reason, prayer seemed a lot more real coming from these people who have such great need and so little hope of ever getting it. This is for sure, it was very genuine. Simple. Real. Unpretentious.

I led a Bible discussion from Matthew 9:35-38. Simple. Interactive. Read the text. Ask three questions.

  1. What did the scripture say that we just read?
  2. Is there anything we need to obey in this scripture?
  3. Is there something we need tell others?

Why do this? Because we wanted to teach them. What? That they can sing together. They can worship. They can pray for each other. They can read the scripture. They can discuss it. They can live it out. They can share it with others. They can do all of this without depending on outsiders to provide them a pastor, a building, a sound system. Dependancy upon money from outsiders destroys. We can help and we should, but we must be careful or our “Good intentions” will backfire and be used by the Devil to destroy.

It was amazing to hear them. They understood the story and knew how to apply it to their lives. They knew what they should be sharing with their friends. No preacher had to instruct them. It was amazing to listen to these common people grasp the truth of God’s word. To simply “Be the church.” Almost everyone there committed to tell at least one thing they had learned.

As we left, they were receiving Bible Way Discipleship materials from one of the Bible Way leaders. Several of these people are actively studying the Scriptures, memorizing the Scriptures through Bible Way.

These dear, simple people are the hope for Biina Zone. They are the seed that the Master has placed into this area to spout and take root and to produce a harvest of souls for the Kingdom. They have the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. They have the word of God. They are the church of the Living Lord Jesus Christ.

We will pray for them. We will supply them with Bible Way discipleship materials to grow them. We have church planters that can help train leaders. But – this is the simple church of the New Testament. Join us in praying for them.

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