Opening the Work in Soroti

They had never seen a baptism where you went into “deep water” and lowered the person beneath the surface of the water, but they were willing to go. Were they afraid? Yes, but twenty people lined up and one by one and waded fearfully into the crystal blue waters of the Awoja River outside Soroti. Why? They had heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and decided to follow Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

Eston’s job as a security guard moved him from Kampala to Soroti. Eston had worked alongside IMFC’s trainers Roger and Justus for almost a year before going to Soroti. He shared the Gospel of Jesus, started and led house churches, worked in the Bible Way books and helped baptize people in Kampala. When Eston arrived in Soroti, he continued doing the work. He shared the Gospel, started house churches and enrolled people into Bible Way. Many people responded so he called Justus for help. The people needed to be baptized. That’s why we were there. We try to help those we train.

Owang Paul, a tall Ugandan, was the first to be baptized. Justus went into the water with Eston to baptism him. Then Paul watched Eston and Justus baptize before Justus stepped aside and let Paul take his place. Together, Eston and Paul, two security guards who have been followers of Jesus for less than two years combined, baptized the rest of the people. I fully enjoyed it.

After the baptism, we returned to Soroti and meet with five leaders Eston has been training: David, Moses, Paul, Brenda and one I can’t spell. All of these need to baptized but because of work were unable to participate, except Paul. We meet for over two hours with them sharing vision and techniques to share the Gospel. We left impressed and encouraged by the people we had meet.

Pray for these people. You don’t know them. You probably will never see any of them, but I ask you to pray for them. They are all new believers. They have little experience and less knowledge, except for those in the second and third book of Bible Way. But they have the presence of the Lord with them. He knows how to keep His own and He will watch over them.


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    I Thank You For The Good Work.

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