Peter Smiles

Deo, Peter and Roger

Deo, Peter and Roger

No longer does Peter’s intestine protrude through the wall of his abdoman into a black plastic bag. The surgery was a success and he left the hospital today to return to his village, his grandmother and his child.

Kintu, Deo, Benon, Rogers, Pam and I had an opportunity to drive to Entebbe today to see Peter and pay his bills. He looked great and was very, very thankful.

He told us a little of his story. Here are a few high lights. After his surgery that brought his intestine through his stomach wall outside his body, his family and village members ask him to leave. They were scared that they might catch a disease from him. He came to Kampala and begged for help. He had nowhere to stay and nothing to eat. He went to four different large churches for help. According to Peter, they would pay for his surgery only after they brought him on stage at one of their services, took photos and had the pastor pray over him. After that they woukd take him to a doctor for the surgery, then in a few days being him back on stage at a service to show how he had been healed through the pastor’s prayer. Of course, there would be no mention of the surgery, only that the prayer of the pastor healed him. He refused and was turned away. He went to the public, government hospital for the surgery, but was refused because the operating room was not working properly. He could not go the private hospitals because he had no money. For 18 months he lived in constant pain begging for food with nowhere to stay. Today, he has his life back.

Peter said something that stuck in my mind. He said that he could see the faces of hundreds of people he had met in the 18 months who had had the similar problem he did but died because they did not have the corrective surgery. The doctors conformed his statement to me. Many die from the same problem Peter had. They don’t have to, but due to lack of money they can’t get the care they need. Makes me realize that regardless the problems we have with health care, we really have no problems.

Dr Peter with Roger, Benon, Deo and Pam

Dr Peter with Roger, Benon, Deo and Pam

I got meet both Dr. Hilliary and Dr. Peter who performed Peters surgery after normal hours. These are good men and good doctors and surgeons. Pam and I were very impressed. The medical clinic in Entebbe was also very nice and impressive.

Thanks for your prayers for Peter and for the financial gifts that allow us to meet needs like this when we encounter them.

I have to admit, the Lord has shown me and the IMFC team a very great need. Who knows, we may do this with others in the future. It is in the back of the mind and sometimes this is God’s way of indicating things to come. Time will tell but I am open if he leads.


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