Reaching Sudan From Arua

IMFC has opened offices in Arua and Buseta and the work is advancing quickly. Arua is in the Northwest corner of Uganda on the border of Congo and Sudan. Buseta is in the east near Kenya. Two weeks ago Deo and Vincent went to Arua while Benon and James went to Buseta to follow up and train the people. Here is Deo’s report on what happened in Arua.

Vincent and I had a wonderful mission trip to Arua-Congo boarder. This year we have had many mission trips but this mission trip stands out to be very unique in its kind. We went out to shared the gospel around the city of Arua and the Arua-Congo boarder. Many believed in the message and were saved. We also had leadership trainings at the boarder and in the city of Arua. Amongst these trained leaders were two potential leaders by the names of Joseph and Daniel. These youthful men are from Southern Sudan who really enjoyed the leadership training. These men were led to Christ by Amos, one of the IMFC leaders in the team at Arua. Immediately, they were enrolled into Bible way and now they are studying the second book, Basic Bible Teachings.

We went with Joseph and Daniel to their homes where they meet as a church. They study the Bible using the S.O.T. method. The first family had 26 family members where we had a great time sharing the gospel. Amongst these was an old woman of 85 years who got saved and immediately was Baptized on the same day. In all seven was baptized! Joseph was very happy to see his mother give her life to Christ. Then we went to the next family of 29 Sudanese. We did the same thing of sharing the gospel and 20 of them gave their lives to Christ though they were not Baptized at that time. They are waiting for this Sunday to be baptized after they have been taught by Amos on baptism. (Update: 12 more were baptized last Sunday!)

These two families have their permanent homes in the Sudan and belong to two men in the Sudan. All are brothers and sisters living together here in Uganda! One man to each family with several wives. These men send their children to Arua to be educated. Above all, Joseph and Daniel have opened the door wide for IMFC ministries to go and reach their fellow nationals in Sudan. What a great opportunity from God. These children have come to Arua to be educated, but God has them here to hear the Gospel and take it back home. Keep us in your prayers that we keep the main thing the main thing as we go forward with the work God has set before us. Come 2013.

Yours in Him,

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