Sharing Christ In The Marketplace

We had an amazing time on the Uganda, Congo border in February. There is a very real hunger among the people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The people know religion. Religious symbols are every where, but they do not know Jesus Christ personally. They are much like Nicodemus in John 3. Religious. Searching. But without a real relationship with God. Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Religion will get no one to heaven. Religion can not save us.

Pray for this work on the border. It is progressing. IMFC’s staff member, Amos, travels to the border each week and over 18 groups are meeting to study to the Scriptures. Pray that many more will come to faith in Christ and influence their friends for Jesus.


  1. Allen Eric says:

    we are very greafl for the miinisry right here in Arua its going on well and expanding to other places and people are real yearning for the gospel but there are few people to reach to them. may God bless you all

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