Simple Church In Kamwokya Slum

Three young men were from Arua. One was a security guard. Two were students. One was studying to be a lab technician.

Three young women were from Gulu. Don’t know anything about them except they are from a part of Uganda affected be the LRA.

One young lady was from Kitgum. Kitgum is in the far Northern regions of Uganda.

One young lady was from DR Congo. She was from an area close to Kinshasa, the Capitol. She had her French Bible and read from it.

Justus leads new church in Bible Study

Justus leads new church in Bible Study

Pam and I met with these eight young people with Justus and Benon the first week of June on our trip to Kampala, Uganda. This was the third time they had meet as a group. Justus led them in studying Matthew 28: 16–20 using the S.O.T. method: What does the Scripture say, What is there to Obey in the Scripture and what Truth is there to share with someone else. It was impressive. They spoke up. They answered the questions. They were engaged and very interested.

After the group meeting, I asked Justus how this group was started. He told me that he saw them setting as a group and engaged them. He had been meeting with another group not far from there when he saw these folk and decided to share the Gospel with them. They accepted Christ and now they are enrolled in Bible Way and meet as a church.

Their church in Kamwokya slum in Kampala, Uganda is different from our churches here in the US. No piano. No organ. No drums. No guitars. No projection system. No buildings. No budget. No money. No praise team. No committees. No business meetings. No BATHROOMS! Just eight people setting in a small walkway in a slum of Kampala reading and studying the scriptures, praying and encouraging each other. I loved it! God was present. This was Church!

How long will they meet together? I don’t know. But my prayer is not for long! Why? Because I want some of them to improve their lives and move out of the slum, and I want some to leave to start other churches with new people who don’t know Christ either somewhere else in Kamwokya slum or back in their home village.

Regardless of how long they meet as a church, I pray they grow in their relationship to Christ. I pray they learn a simple way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray they continue studying their Bible Way books till they finish the Bible Way Correspondence School. I pray that they will start churches wherever they go. I pray that through them many more will come to be disciples of Jesus Christ as they will live out the Scriptures they studied in Matthew 28, “Go and make disciples.”

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